Paul Waghorne reports that after the initial excitement that the shoals of coarse fish were moving into the area the fishing has slowed down following cold conditions over the weekend…

On Friday, Michael Bierne had a very good day with several Roach over 12oz and the biggest weighed went 1lb 2oz. Aiden Dooney recorded the seasons best so far with a fish of a shade under 1lbs 8oz. The evening session should have produced far more with the barometer dropping very quickly this afternoon. The upstream wind made it feel a bit chilly so I chose the gusher, where for a while the sport was brisk. A Pike took my best fish of the session (about 12oz) which when released looked rather poorly. The lake temperature dropped to 9c so the main run of fish is still to happen.

Saturday was a bitterly cold day with intermittent showers and, at times very high winds. Angling was extremely difficult for the few danglers that were out during office hours. It didn’t get much better when I arrived a little after 6pm. The stick float was not the most pleasurable method, but I couldn’t be bothered to set up a feeder. I still caught loads of Roach up to 5oz.

On Sunday the angling today was well below what we would all like to expect. The considerable amount of overnight rain may have been the reason for any larger fish showing. Leigh Maitland and Larry Parkes fished the long pole at Ryan’s gate and may have gone home disappointed, Leigh weighed in over 8 kilos (18lbs in old money) whilst Larry had less. There were a few netters, but the majority of Roach and Rudd were swingers. When I went out at 7pm the last of the anglers had vacated the stretch. My usual 30 minutes per swim approach commenced on the gusher. Two 5oz and a 15oz Roach were a small reward (yes, I weighed it) but further downstream it was grim. In fact, I blanked at the bridge.
This coming week, I’d like to see more rods on the bank. I honestly believe that a full house of competent anglers would provide a comprehensive view of the stretch. I can’t do it on my own, because I’m not good enough and can’t be everywhere at once. So if you can, please come to Lanesborough and share your good fortune with others.

The week started with two anglers by the bush who were catching small Roach on the feeder, but they had left before I walked the stretch later. I think that paints the picture quite well? It is difficult at the moment, after the early promise of excitement last week. It seems we are back in March conditions again. The levels have risen slightly and there is more water coming downstream that will no doubt prohibit any question of movement.

I’d love to tell you how wonderful the fishing was on Tuesday, but I cannot lie. Tommo and Dessie, two members of the Tuesday club from Ballyfermot came and went before noon. They had caught some Roach, although nothing of note. The stretch was deserted when I went out at 6:30 and I lasted an hour. I caught lots in that short time, but my heart wasn’t in it. I think we will have to hope on the new moon at the weekend to see any significant changes.

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