Rob Love of keeps his report short as he is eager to get out and get fishing:

You see, with the recent appearance of Large Dark Olives the River Liffey and Rye Water are both starting to shine.
Given there are so many different runs, riffles and pools on these rivers an angler is certainly spoilt for choice but looking out the window as I write I know which one I am heading for this morning. Its tall trees should keep me sheltered from today’s strong, blustery westerly and armed with a few nymphs such as Hares ears, PTN’s or Copper John’s and a selection of Olive duns or Spiders in the hope of seeing a few fish rising it should be great fun.

An early season trout from the River Liffey caught on a Tungsten bead CDC nymph
An early season trout from the River Liffey caught on a Tungsten bead CDC nymph

Speaking of fun – after giving the boat at Carton House a quick spruce up yesterday and with an hour to spare before the school run, I decided to head out fishing. Trolling in the deeper water just down from the boathouse I had a hit on my lure – or so I thought. It seemed there was a fish on for a second and then nothing, I reeled in quickly, not sure if I had snagged a weed or underwater obstruction but when I got home and replayed the footage from my underwater camera (attached to the line) I couldn’t believe my eyes. The footage shows what would probably be a baitfish’s (or in yesterdays case – my camera’s) last view of the world as it is hit by a pike. As I was reeling in at a rate of knots to have a look at the lure and remove weed if it was indeed a snag he even circled around again to have another look at the camera before heading off to find something a little less metallic to chew on.

Rob Love

Go fishing…

Love Fishing Ireland have a small team of experienced guides available for tailor made fishing excursions for both wild brown trout and pike. While the standard days guiding on the River Liffey or Rye Water will appeal to many, for the more adventurous they offer guided trips by Canadian canoe along what are considered to be the best fishing beats of the River Liffey.


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