Go & Catch Feeder Team had a knock -up on Marina in Athy at the weekend. Some great bags were caught with the top five anglers all making more than 10lbs. The top 3 all had more than 15lb each. The bags were made up of a mix of roach and some perch.


Cold, bright conditions at Athy on Sundat

Conditions were clear and and bright with the and although there was some colour in the water the level was not too high at all.

Robertas Zilaitis
Robertas Zilaitis came 2nd

The results are as follow:

  • 1st Donatas Nekrasius- 7.66 kg
  • 2nd Robertas Zilaitis- 7.38 kg
  • 3rd Andrius Simbelis- 7.12 kg
  • 4th Kevin Norcliffe- 5.34 kg
  • 5th Darius Karaliunas- 5.32 kg

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