The FEEDERFEST IRELAND event in Inniscarra was a great success.  The competition ran from October 26th to Oct 31st and anglers arrived in Coachford as early as the previous Sunday when the sections were selected with A to C on the Greenway along with D and E some of Inniscarra’s traditional feeder sections that fish well. A practise match on Wednesday allowed the organisers a last look at the pegs before sections were drew.

HQ for the event was O’Callaghans Bar & Guest House where anglers were ask to kindly dip their nets on arrival to the area and purchase permits for the venue.

A knock up along the Greenway on Sunday 23rd produced a top weight of 12kg of roach & hybrids.

Winner Steve Ringer
Winner Steve Ringer

Registration took place on Wednesday evening and the fishing rotation was decided.  The prize fund was a super€23,000! plus €5,000 worth of gear from Sensas Ireland

The first day saw 100 anglers on the banks of the Inniscarra Reservoir for the first day of the festival.  Day one saw the Garden Centre section produce for Mick Fordham with a weight of 11.900kg.

Day two saw a win for Rod Scott Vale Royal Angling Centre with a mixed bag of roach and skimmers (13.760kg )from the Concrete Y stretch.  The third day went to Neil Mazurek on the Garden Centre with 16kg of roach and hybrids.

Day four belonged to Julian Kendrick Sensas Ireland  with 130 roach and 8 skimmers for 15.680kg on the Concrete section. However overall winner of this FEEDERFEST was none other than Steve Ringer.  Interestingly Inniscarra Reservoir was the venue of the FIPSed Fédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive en Eau Douce World Feeder Fishing Championships of 2014 and Steve’s first Gold medal!


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