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David Palmer with the 4th recorded six pounder of 2017

28 April: Pat Mulryan fished the bush for a few hours and had some success on a whip, puling out Hybrids to over a pound. Below the bridge, two Dublin anglers tried for Tench and caught three small ones. Just before dusk there were up to nine anglers all after the same species and by 01:00 if I’m reliably informed a total of eight were recorded, the best being a 6lb fish caught by Dave Palmer.

Noel Donahue had a successful session with this mixed net of 23lbs
Noel Donahue had a successful session with this mixed net of 23lbs

29 April: The wind was the winner this afternoon, and it’s set to worsen over the next 36 hours. At least it is turning ESE which make it feel more comfortable for those on the disabled pegs and below. Larry moved up to the gusher and had 25 Bream, odd Hybrids and a couple of very large Rudd. The Bream may only have been babies at just over 2lb a piece, but these fish are the future breeding stock.

30 April:  My morning walk saw seven anglers with varying levels of return. Robert Cilindz has had six Tench, mostly sub 2lbs but one very plump female probably nudging 5lbs. On the hot stretch, one angler just below the bush is doing very well with mongrels up to a pound. All other danglers are catching, but a wee bit slower.


Later in the day on the disabled pegs and below, at least four Tench were caught, with ‘man of the moment’, Aiden Dooney claiming three. There are now several overnight anglers along both the upper and lower sections, so let’s hope for some good news in the morning.

As we end my favourite month, on reflection it has not been too bad. My main concern is the lake temperature which is simply not rising quick enough. It currently stands at 10.8c and has remained around that figure for nearly three weeks. I can’t help but repeating myself, I can’t help but repeating myself, but I honestly believe we need 12.5c for at least 3 or 4 days to get the rest of the Lakes Tench population into the river, and the forecast for the coming week shows no signs of that likely to happen.

01 May: No overnight Tench action I’m afraid, despite many rods trying their best.  A pair of visiting English anglers from the west midlands enjoyed good stick float fishing under the bridge this morning with some quality fish showing. They both experienced Pike trouble by what could have been the same predator as was seen last night. The bright sunlight and warm (18c) weather put paid to any serious angling into the early evening although there was a huge number of casual danglers out enjoying the sunshine. I took the boat where I’d previously not dared to before and disturbed a number of big fish. They were probably Tench although it is possible they were Pike. There were three of us fishing below the disabled swims this evening and between us failed to catch anything more substantial than a Rudd or an 8oz Bream.

02 May: Not the best of morning sessions. I failed to register a bite as did Tim Collyer until he hooked a solitary female Tench of 5lb 3.5oz. The sunlight was a major factor in the shallow water as to why I didn’t catch. May can be such a frustrating month at Lanesborough. Low, clear water, bright sunlight and excessive weed all contribute to indifferent fishing. There was a shoal of large fish under the bridge this morning, probably Hybrids, but maybe the odd Roach amongst them. Seeing is one thing, but catching is another as one angler found this morning. After just six fish, he moved upstream to the bush.

his little girls Daddy knows how to catch , who's the Daddy?
his little girls Daddy knows how to catch , who’s the Daddy?

I took young Dana out to experience the joy of fishing for small Roach. She was thoroughly entertained for an hour and a bit before deciding that all the maggots should be mixed with the ground bait to make a cake for Ralf. The smile on her face said it all.

03 May: Water temperature on the lake is now 14.29c No one fishing, nothing to report, until later in the day when I met Ross Macklin and Adam Connor, both aiming to catch a specimen Tench. Only one Tench was caught earlier by Robert Cilindz, but the best catch for a long time was had by Mullingar angler David Condron who caught the the biggest Rudd I’ve had the pleasure to weigh. At a hefty 2lbs 6oz it was a fantastic looking specimen. If only my solitary Rudd was half as big tonight.

big rudd
David Condron with a 2lb 60z rudd


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Due to the biosecurity risks posed by the Asian Clam populations anglers can only use the specially provided keep-nets, available both sides of the bridge – from the Daybreak Filling Station, Ballyleague and Bridie Holmes Fishing Tackle Shop, Lanesborough.