Templemore Lake has banned keep nets at the moment due to low water levels and a spike in water temperatures in the Lake.  Templemore Angling club are keen to mitigate against unnecessary fish distress.  Tench fishing on the lake is doing quite well at the moment with weights being caught ranging from 4lbs to 7lbs.

Upcoming competitions:  Unfortunately, Templemore district Anglers will not be holding the coarse fishing competition that was to be held on Saturday the 7th of July and Sunday the 8th of July.  The decision has been made to postpone the competition until a later date due to unsuitable water levels, a rise in water temperatures and also, to mitigate against unnecessary fish distress.  A later date will be rescheduled.

Fish care in hot weather.   We would kindly ask all Anglers to be mindful that water levels are quite low on most water courses at the moment and because of this fish can be more easily stressed.  Using keep nets unnecessarily may cause fish fatalities.

Bio Security: As always, we would kindly like to remind all who use Ireland’s watercourses to please use appropriate biosecurity measures for themselves so to help prevent the spread of invasive species in and out of the water.

Water Safety: The Carrick staff would kindly like to remind all about the importance of using Life Jackets in and around water as they really do save lives. Adequate Flotation devices should always be worn and it especially sets a template regards water safety where younger Anglers are present.

 “Take only memories, leave only footprints”. The Carrick staff would like to ask all who are using the water courses in the area to be mindful of littering and to please use bins provided or take home their rubbish.

Sun Safety: As Ireland is currently enjoying one of the warmest summers in decades we are advising Anglers and all who use the water courses in the SERBD to use adequate sun protection and cover up where possible. It is not advisable during these hot days to spend prolonged periods of time exposed to the sun, especially in or on water.