Gary Chandler reports on Sheemore Angling Association’s recent outings…

20 May: Well a good day for fishing was had on Lough Ree. A bit wet in the afternoon but can’t complain . It was the second Sheemore Open today. Barney’s shore fished well with wind blowing in. Heron’s didn’t fair as well but most caught a few including a 2.13 lb hybrid to Dave Oddy the results are

Section. A herons shore

  1. Gavin brown. 9.15lb. Section win
  2. Robert howgate. 9.11lb
  3. Dave Oddy. 9.09lb
  4. Malcom Singleton. 7.08lb
  5. Andrew Riley. 6.12lb

Section B Barney’s shore

  1. John McVey. 37.09lb. 1st place
  2. Joe van der spek. 24.12lb. 2nd. Place
  3. Gary chandler. 24.08lb. 3rd place
  4. Stuart Lear. 19.02lb. Section winner
  5. Jimmy Fitzsimmons. 13.11
  6. Ray Carpenter. 7.11lb

So not bad day for Barney’s if the wind had changed round or dropped altogether it could well have been a bit different
Well done to john who gave us all a good lesson today

25 May: Not a bad evening for the Thursday match on Barney’s shore. After bright sunshine in the day it clouded over and the wind got up a bit. Here are the results..

  1. Joe van der spek. 30.04lb
  2. Gary Chandler. 18.09lb
  3. Ray Carpenter 15.01 lb
  4. Andrew Riley. 11.01lb
  5. Dave Oddy. 7.02lb

So not to bad an evening and most fish were caught close in on the whip at least you could get away from the pike a bit quicker hit and drag tactics for most of the evening

27 May: A great day weather wise but not to good for fishing. A bit bright and windy for the trip to the Mud Flats. So here are the results..

  1. Michael Fitzpatrick. 1.13lb
  2. Robert howgate. 1.11lb
  3. Joe van der spek. 1.09lb
  4. Ray carpenter. 1.03lb
  5. Malcom Singleton. 1.03lb
  6. Andy Riley. 1.01lb

Dave oddy DNW he had more sense and went home early so the fish were scarce but the sun tans are coming along nicely!

Gary Chandler
Sheemore Angling Association

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