CM Lakelands report on their 3 Day Feeder Festival which was fished over the bank holiday weekend…

Day 1

Cavan fishing

1st day of the 3 day feeder festival today on A Skeagh,B Barnagove and C Corraneary. Fishing was good on 2 of the lakes with mostly hybrids/Roach and skimmers been caught. The top 7 will be payed out overall with significant sponsorship been added by Cavan County Council and Eamon Rogers.

22 are fishing the festival and the top 7 so far are

1. Darren Fairhurst B 7.660kg.
2. Darius Kar C 7.620kg.
3. Rimantas C 7.200kg.
4. Steve Whyte C 6.640kg.
5. Shamie Winters B 6.200kg.
6. Brenton Sweeney C 5.820kg
7. Adrian Van de veer C 5.800kg .

Section winners today are, Paul lesse A, karlo A, shamie winters B, Darren fairhurst B, darius Kar C and rimantas Kondrackas C.

Day 2

Cavan fishing

Corraneary lake fished the best with Bob Gibbard having a very impressive day with 14.540kg of mostly big hybrids which puts him into 2nd place overall, Darren fairhurst was 2nd today, again on Corraneary lake with 8.440 kg which moves him to the top of the leader board and the 3rd biggest weight today was Eamon Rogers with 7.840kg again on Corraneary which moves him to 4th overall. Rimantas is in 3rd place, Darius Kar is in 5th and Piotir Horbinski and Brenton Sweeney are 6th and 7th respectively.
Section winners today are 

Brenton Sweeney A
Rimantas k A
Mark Leonard B
Rory Dunne B
Darren Fairhurst C
Bob Gibbard C

All to play for tomorrow as no one knows what lake will produce tomorrow.
The top 7 will be paid out. Thanks again to our sponsors Cavan County Council and Eamon Rogers.

Day 3

Eamon Rogers presents Darren Fairhurst with the top prize

Final day of the C/M 3 day feeder festival today. Corraneary produced the best weight with 9.890 kg, Barnagove best weight was 9.560kg and the best weight at Skeagh was 5.120 kg.
Section winners today were

A Darren Fairhurst.
A Bob Gibbard.
B Brenton Sweeney.
B Stevie Whyte.
C Artur Czarnocki.
C Robertas Zilaitis. 

The top 7 was paid out overall.

1st Darren Fairhurst 21.220kg.
2nd Bob Gibbard 20.440kg.
3rd Brenton Sweeney 19.299kg
4th Rimantas Kondrackas 17.549kg.
5th Darius Kar 16.640kg
6th Stevie Whyte 16.060kg
7th Eamon Rogers 15.980.

Well done to all, fishing was reasonable with some good weights and there was great camaraderie between all the anglers.
Thanks to our sponsors Cavan County Council and Eamon Rogers. 

Next year’s 3 day feeder festival will be held again on June bank holiday weekend 30/31st of may and 1st of June 2020.

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