Inniscarra Lake TDL are delighted to share with you the Festival Calendar for 2020. We cater for a variety of anglers’ needs; smaller and confined competitions to suit the visiting club angler, one day opens and festivals of 3 and 5 days. This year commencing on the 18th April we can offer two weeks of back to back fishing for the #feeder enthusiast incorporating the Inniscarra Feeder Pairs 2020. The festival year ends with Feederfest, Ireland’s largest Feeder Festival!

For details of the venues, a downloadable copy of the calendar, festival results and a directory of angler friendly accommodation in the local area please visit

table of events
Inniscarra Angling Festivals 2020

Sharing their support of the economic benefit the visiting angler provides to the area, local businesses and accommodation providers are supplementing the cash prizes which already provide a full payout on entry. ILTDL would like to take this opportunity to thank its members and sponsors for their continued support.