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Quality trout on Lough Ennell as season draws to a close


Mick Flanagan reports from Lough Ennell…

I spent a few hours trolling small lures on Ennell last Saturday before the heavens opened with rain. The best colour lures were silver, and I hit six fish but unfortunately I held onto none.

Although it was encouraging as I was just chilling out for a few hours. Some of the top Ennell fly anglers are catching some quality fish on the fly. Early in morning seems to be the best time for this. You also have to keep in mind that as the season winds down on Saturday the 12th of October, Ennell anglers also have a sweepstake competition on that day. The competition is on 10am to 6pm and HQ is Whitebridge Bay.

Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling

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Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling
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