Damien Culliney of Anglers Paradise Ireland reports from Lough Derg…

I bumped into Alex from Fulda in Germany last week at a slip on the lake. He was over with his family (dogs and all) on a camper van holiday. It wasn’t long til we got to talking about fishing. I had not been out for pike much, allowing them the benefit of the doubt during the warmer weather that saw the water temperatures rise. But there was a bit of perch fishing to enjoy and I was out doing a bit of a recce ahead of the Predator Battle coming up. Anyway, between the jigs and the reels I was not in a position to take Alex and his son Johann, but I gave them the use of a boat and told them where they could set up shop at Dromore Woods – I’d leave the boat there for them.

Johann’s first pike

They said that the fishing on Derg made the holiday. Johann caught his first pike and between them they had some great fun on the water, fishing and taking in the sights from a new perspective. Alex had his fair share of pike too, nothing huge, but a lot of fun. They’ve already booked in with me for next year and can’t wait to get back to Ireland again.

Perch from the shore for Johann

Before I go just a quick reminder of my new website: https://www.anglersparadise.ie/

Damian Culliney
Anglers Paradise Ireland

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