Estuary tope
Estuary tope

The windy conditions of the last couple weeks saw the charter boats from Co Clare taking shelter inside Loop Head and trying to their luck in the estuary. Tope, rays and bullhuss kept things interesting for the anglers but there was always an eye on the wider Atlantic…

The 23rd was a rough day at sea but at least the Clare Dragoon could take a run out around the head, if still close to shore. Shark rods were deployed but on the day all the entertainment was provided by the pollack on on the reefs.


As the weather continued to improve so did the fishing and there were some huge shoals of mackerel that made gathering up bait and fish for the smoker an easy task. After that it was fishing at anchor for conger and more forays for pollack on the reefs. Cod and ling also showed up in the catches. Lady Gwen II was also out at this stage and the reef and bottom fishing made for happy anglers.

More Pollack

In the last couple of days the Clare Dragoon pushed right out to the south west reefs and had great action during the flood on the spinning rods. They had lots of pollack to 8 and 9lbs. Then an interesting bycatch – a blue shark! The fishing was really exciting but once the ebb started it was like turning off a tap and the fishing stopped completely. Mind you the following day saw more great fishing on the light gear.

Blue shark

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Clare Dragoon

Clare Dragoon is a LOCHIN 366 powered by 650HP engine, skippered by Luke Aston and operating out of Carrigaholt Co. Clare…

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Lady Gwen II

Fishing Adventures on Séan Maguire’s Lady Gwen II, a Lochin 33  M265Ti Perkins charterboat which operates 15 miles from Kilbaha, Carrigaholt, and Kilrush.

Whether you want to go to the Atlantic Ocean for a large selection of species, including different types of shark, or fish the estuary for ray conger tope etc, Fishing Adventures will cater for whatever fishing you desire.
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