We recently received a report from John Baker who took some time out recently to try his hand at a couple of sea angling marks in the north-west with some fishing buddies. He fished for pollack over rough ground at high water in calm conditions and for ray and dogs on the slack tides.

John is s good all round angler so he is quite willing to chop and change from one type of angling to another and you are as likely to bump into John fishing for any species on any water body around Ireland. On his recent outing to the NW John was lure and bait fishing which produced a nice array of species for him including ray, pollack, dogfish and mackerel. John was fishing a one up one down rig using a variety of baits and bait cocktails.

The weather was generally calm with occasional rain and John fished a few sessions into the evening as well which also produced results. For information on sea angling in the north west please visit the following link https://www.fishinginireland.info/sea/north.htm