The Irish Specimen Fish Committee recently received a claim in for a specimen brown trout and the story was so good we decided to share it.

In the words of the captor and his daughter, here is the story:



My dad Werner Heinrich, is a very active and fit 83 years young and his love of the outdoors & nature is what keeps him so healthy.

On Saturday 03 August, Werner landed himself the beautiful specimen Brown Trout weighing 6.956 kgs., length 78 cm. in Lough Leane, Killarney.

To say he was delighted would be an understatement. We are all very proud of him.

He said that his fishing buddy Bob O’Connor who passed away recently send it to him. They fished there together many happy days.


I asked him to write a few words to send you & here they are.



I came to Beaufort in the early sixties and spent most of my spare time on the banks of the Laune, lovely clean water and abundance of fish.

Trout fishing was new to me and I was immediately hooked. I got double enjoyment, catching and eating those beautiful fish.

My English language teacher spoke Oxford English so fellow fishermen, mainly older men, taught me “proper “ English as well as how to fly fish.

I must have met Trevor Champ in the early days on the Laune.

My son didn’t graduate to fishing – the other sport well done in Kerry Football, but one of my grandsons is a very keen angler. I started him at  5 years.

He got a specimen Salmon in Caragh  lake 09/06/13 weighing  9.85 kgs I was with him when he caught that whopper.


Claim has been received by ISFC and will be reviewed later in the year.


Taken on an artificial minnow, 16 ft Salmon fly rod, Abu Cardinal reel (size 9) and 12kg braid. We are looking at fish scales to age fish now.