With the cancellation of all FIPSed World Championships in 2020, Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive, CIPS announced that our angling youths would not miss out. Those who would have been due to move up an age category next year, shall be allowed to remain in their current age group for the deferred championships. The NCFFI intend to present the current U15, U20 and U25 teams at the World Youth Angling Championships in Hungary in 2021.

Irish international John Browne with his nets brimming with tench and skimmers

With the easing out of lockdown, International Youth Manager Gavin Walsh took the opportunity to meet with Nick Richards who is coming onboard to assist Gavin with the Under 20’s team going forward. Co. Leitrim based Nick, a retired firefighter and keen angler has dedicated much of his spare time in previous years to support the development of his son Charlie (featured image) who represented Ireland in the U15’s in Spain last year. A very welcome appointment providing extra support for junior angling.

Irish international Rhys Walsh and his haul

Getting together earlier last week they were joined then by Adrian and John Browne, Rhys Walsh and Charlie Richards along with Enda Hickey assistant to the U15’s, as they accepted an invitation for a spot of fishing on Waterford & District Coarse Angling Club’s managed water which produced some fine catches for everyone on the day proving it a top notch spot for coaching and introducing novices to angling sport.

If you have a renewed interest in angling, have skills to share or would like to be involved get in touch with the NCFFI here https://www.ncffi.ie/about-us/contact/