Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane

10/6/20 Few boats out today, sadly their Common denominator was 0 the same could not be said for their blood pressure, in other words the Currane angler is suffering with Curraneitis. Wind Northeast light to calm with good cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.6 centigrade.

11/6/20 The Currane Anglers meteorological report for today’s proceedings, wind strong East with good cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 13.2 centigrade. That sums up today’s proceedings.

12/6/20 Again the weather forecast are the headlines this day, wind East light and overcast, with the sun breaking through at times. On the Currane anglers enthusiasm, the least said the soonest mended, they say a dripping tap can drive you to the drink, all I can say is the Currane water levels are falling as fast and the same goes for the anglers enthusiasm, Cheers. Wind as already stated, yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 17.2 centigrade.

13/6/20 Currane all-round angler my Father, Mr. E.G. Appleby RIP would have been 92 today, so Happy Birthday Dad, gone but not forgotten. Well Currane Anglers had two Genuine complaints this day, firstly low water and secondly the air was very thundery and eventually the thunder struck the Currane waters late this evening, on the rainfall no comment as of yet. Wind NE to calm. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 17.0 centigrade.

14/6/20 The Currane Anglers are no fans of the Rocky Films as you can imagine as the weather has full control of all proceedings on Lough Currane and today was no exception, with humidity at 83% and thunderstorms. All I can say is one has to give credit to the Currane anglers who are dogging it out there in these drought conditions. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 0.9 mm. Maximum air temperature 17.7 centigrade.

15/6/20 Sadly today Lough Currane lost another great fly Angler to the Heavenly Waters, Cork and Waterville Currane Angler Dr Tim O’Connor RIP sadly passed away yesterday. On behalf of our Chairman and all the members of the Angling association and all the good people of Waterville, Kerry and Cork our Sincere Sympathies to all his Family and friends. To those good people who did not know Tim, well here is some of his angling history and relationship with the Waterville Fishery. Tim’s Family can go back the best part of 100 years, I can say, Tim himself fished 70 of those 100 years give or take. Thankfully to technology i.e. Digital cameras and the paparazzi we have a good few photos of Tim’s great days on Lough Currane, I can just hear Tim say to his Gillie and good friend Tom O’Shea, you can ring the paparazzi. Well Tim you may be gone but you will never be forgotten as a dedicated Doctor and angler. May He Rest In Peace.

16/6/20 Yesterday’s Currane manipulations all quiet on all fronts. Wind Southwest and very cloudy. Now back to today’s efforts plenty of good views of rocks, a few Currane anglers were looking like the Phantom of the opera, far better to be wise and safe than sorry. Wind Northwest. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 17.9 centigrade.

Vincent Appleby

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