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Specimen salmon a Suir bet for Michael

Michael Lynch and his mighty Suir salmon

A belated report of a super salmon came across our inboxes this morning from the River Suir – a river known for some very big fish in recent times. This fish was caught and released back on the 6th of August by local angler Michael Lynch from Clonmel; Michael was fishing a size 8 fly on a 13 foot rod with a shooting head line and 8 foot leader.

Captor Michael has a big head now

This fish is a whopping 42 inches in length and we estimate it to be just shy of the thirty pound mark at 29 lbs 4 ozs. This super salmon put up a strong fight but was eventually netted by well know local angler Pat Keane; Pat also helped Michael out by holding the heavy fish in the water facing upstream to help it recover from the scrap and Pat reports that the fish swam away very strongly.

Pat Keane helps with the release

A claim has been submitted to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee where the minimum length for a salmon is 90cm (35.4 inches), this is great to see because specimen salmon have been thin on the ground in recent times.

Congratulations to Michael for catching (and releasing) this cracking fish.