Dan O’Neill found himself unable to fish the Nore because of high water so he took a run to Southern County Fishing Resort…

With the heavy rainfall the rivers in my area were out of action for my usual techniques, so a trip to my local trout fishery in Garryhill county Carlow was on the cards. Many a great day I have had in Garryhill over the past few years. I always found the trout to be hard fighting and in good condition,

rainbow trout
A typical rainbow trout from Southern County

After a quick walk around the lake there were 3 or 4 spots that caught my attention and seemed to have a few feeding trout in them. I decided to use a CDC Sedge first to see if I could get their attention. A few fish came up to take a look then decided to decline my offering. I changed fly to something smaller and went down a grade in line diameter. This seemed to be the right move as within 5 minutes I was into my first rainbow – a very active fish full of energy leaping and running around the lake. There were a number of fish to follow some on the same fly with some falling to a dark pheasant tail nymph.

The highlight of the day was a lovely 7 pound rainbow who made the rod work hard with all its  lunges for freedom. I was taken to the backing twice which was something that has seldom happened to me on rainbow lakes in the past.

All in all it was a really enjoyable day today in Southern County Fishing Resort. There’s a great selection of lakes allowing different fly fishing techniques to be used, but watching the trout sip flies from the surface ignites a special feeling. The thrill of watching them turn on your fly and decide whether or not to commit to sipping it never allows it to grow old.

Go fishing…

Angling takes place on over 10 acres of water on 3 different lakes and Southern County Fishing Resort prides itself on its Rainbow Trout.  The lakes are stocked on regular basis with high quality fish reared in an onsite hatchery. The fresh river water which feeds our lakes supports the life of a range of insects which is a source of natural feeding for the fish. Fish size range from 1.5 lb to 10 lbs.

Southern County Fishing Resort
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