A box of wet mayfly patterns for Corrib

Declan Gibbons reports that angling is very good on Corrib at present and has been of recent weeks, although with so few living close enough to fish it under Covid-19 restrictions, reports have been sparse and only a few regular contributors have been able to contribute. Fishing was very good up to last Thursday, but the stormy weather on Friday and Saturday, and the heatwave underway today will probably bring the end to the 2020 mayfly season.




A beautifully marked Corrib trout for Kevin Crowley

In the Oughterard area Kevin Molloy had 4 trout on Sunday – best fish 1.5lbs on wet mayfly.  Willie Molloy had 3 trout on Sunday – best fish 2lbs.
Basil Shields & Macken Keane had 10 fish on Sunday, all on mayfly with the majority on dries – best fish 3lbs.
Basil & Colman Counihan on Thursday last had 12 fish, all on dry mays – best fish being 2.5lbs.

In the Cornamona area John Somerville & his mother Kathy fished on Wednesday last in the Dooras area. They had 9 fish over the 13inches (all fish returned) on mayfly patterns.
John had other days where he boated 4 and 5 fish.



Kathy Mannion with a nice trout
Cathal Hughes and son Cian have been enjoying some good sport recently, with good fish taken both on dry fly and dapping, while family friend Pat Cooke has also enjoyed good sport.





Cian Hughes with a fine trout on the dap.



Pat Copoke with a nice fish


Good sport

I got out for a couple of days with Neil Spellacy before and after the recent storm. We had good sport on both days, with 5 trout averaging 1.25bs the first day, and 7 fish of a much better average – 1.75-2lbs on the second day, all on wet mayflies. All fish were returned. Neil even had the fish jumping into the boat, with one of his trout giving several acrobatic leaps when hooked, the final leap landing right inside the boat. Not something you see every day!


Angler holding trout
Neil Spellacy with a nice Corrib trout on wet mayfly. #cprsavesfish


A nice Corrib trout for Kevin Crowley. #cprsavesfish



The weather has taken a big turn this week, with temperatures set to hit 27C tomorrow, and bright sunshine that will probably see the end of any big hatches until July. A settled spell of weather will see Caenis hatches kicking off this weekend. Early risers will be rewarded with good sport over the coming weeks.