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Good numbers of sea trout and salmon up to 13 lbs. on Carrowmore

Glenn Woods with a Carrowmore salmon which was released

Carrowmore Lake – Angling Update –  June 21st

Declan Foley reports…

Despite the relatively poor angling conditions (mostly because of wind) the lake has seen good angling with numbers of sea trout entering the lake which have been caught up to and over 2 lbs. weight. Best salmon caught recently on the lake weighed 13 lbs. and was caught by Martin Ryan. Glen Woods also had a few fish. Other successful anglers included B. Seymour, J. Burns, M. Gallagher, D. Keogh, J. Mcarthy, M. Reuland and M. Corway

A happy James Burns with another fine Carrowmore salmon

Most of the fish caught were returned safely with a very high percentage of anglers this year releasing fish. Well done to all!

Please note that Carrowmore Lake is a Brown Tag Fishery! For fishing on Carrowmore Lake contact Seamus Henry on +353 (0)97 83487 or visit www.bangorerrisangling.com.