The Killybegs Mariners decided to hit the town pier with some small lures and a fish tank last week to highlight the amazing array of different species present in the harbour – a great idea which also highlighted the excellent water quality in the area.

All sorts of species were caught, including grey gurnard, ballan wrasse, poutings, mackerel, rock goby, black goby, whiting, codling and pollack, and each got to spend a short time in the tank for all to see – some of them feature in the slideshow below.

A great way to let uninitiated locals see what lies beneath…

Club member Michael also had a memorable offshore trip when he managed to set a club record for the not often caught red bandfish. This unusual fish lives in burrows in the sand and they feed by sticking their bodies out of their burrows to catch zooplankton and whatever else passes by. [Ed: We rarely get reports of Red Bandfish so it is our Catch of the Week winner.]

Club record red bandfish