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A typical September week on the Moy…

River Moy at Foxford (image courtesy of Tiernan Brothers)

Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…

River Moy Angling Report Week ending 19/09/21

A typical September week, with a few dry days mixed with heavy thundery downpours and cool south easterly winds.  This kept water levels up all week.  Water levels at Ballylahan Bridge on Monday morning stood at 0.682m and rose a few times during the week to their highest on Thursday evening at 1.058m before levelling back to 0.774m by Sunday night. Air temperatures did not exceed 18˚ Celsius for the week with water temperatures hovering at 10˚-12˚ Celsius, normal for the time of year.  Fewer anglers were observed angling due to the conditions although 152 salmon were still recorded caught. Most of these fish were caught on Saturday and Sunday, with a good percentage released from all fisheries. 

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 10 salmon caught for the week.

Mount Falcon Fishery reported 30 salmon for the week.  Simon Walter and partner from Wales had 13 salmon for four days, all caught on spinners and flies. All fish were released.

Knockmore Salmon Anglers reported 8 salmon for the week.

Attymass Anglers reported 1 salmon caught.

Coolcronan Fishery had 11 salmon, all caught on spinners.

Armstrong’s Fishery reported 5 salmon, all caught on worms.

Gannon’s Fishery produced 6 salmon, similarly all caught on worms.

Foxford Fishery reported 16 salmon for the week, caught on various methods.

Nick Lucas from Cork with a salmon caught on the fly at Gurteen Pool on the Foxford Fishery stretch

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 20 salmon from their waters.

Reports from Foxford Town Beat reveal that at least 4 salmon were caught for the week.

Reports from the Cloongee Fishery reveal that 2 salmon were caught for the week.

East Mayo Anglers produced 38 salmon for the week with 20 of those released.

Mark Woods and his younger brother from Northern Ireland fishing on East Mayo waters last week