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Great boat fishing in Galway Bay

A fine pollack for this angler on the Brazen Hussy

Spurdog Sport

More good fishing to report from Galway Bay this week. Skipper Kevin MacGabhann had the Bourke family out on Monday, and they enjoyed some great fishing, including some fine spurdog.

Ann Bourke was effusive in her praise after the day out: “What a brilliant day my family had today in the company of Kevin our skipper, he was amazing with the beginners, and such a nice happy man, who spins a few yarns and kept us all entertained, it was a day of lifetime family memories and it won’t be too long untill we go out again, thanks Kevin for a wonderful family day out.” High praise indeed, and testament to the great service and experience that Kevin, and many other charter skippers provide.

A nice spurdog for one of the Bourke family.

Cracking fishing

Meanwhile, John Fleming aboard the Brazen Hussy II had a group of regulars out on Sunday, and reported a great day: “Cracking fishing on Sunday. The lads were at it non-stop all day working lures, metal jigs and soft plastics, the pollack were hitting them like trains, this is by miles the best way to fish for them, well done lads great day as usual”


A fine pollack for this angler on the Brazen Hussy


Another nice pollack


The male cuckoo wrasse has spectacular colouring


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A regular Galway Bay Safari is from 9am to 6pm. The Maigdan Mara will pick up your party from the pier at Spiddal, County Galway. The boat is yours for the day, though of course skipper Kevin will advise you where the best fishing is to be found. Tackle hire is free.

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