Reports from Lough Corrib are of patchy hatches, and patchy fishing. Not many fish have been showing at the surface, making the fishing difficult. Early in the week, light winds made for tricky conditions. Dry fly and buzzer were finding fish, but not many, and fishing blind was the order of the day with no consistent rise. As winds increased during the week, dapping and wet fly also started to produce fish, however the few reports I have say not a lot of fish are being caught.

I got out for a few hours on Tuesday and had to report my first blank in a long time. Although there was a nice trickle of hatching mayfly in the afternoon, you could almost count the number of fish we saw on one hand. Have heard anglers speculating that the mayfly is over, and others that it hasn’t really started yet. Whatever the truth is, it would want to improve very soon to be remembered as a good mayfly season.

The heavy winds of today and yesterday will see very few boats on the lake, but with the weather staying unseasonably cool and the wind veering northwest over the coming days, the weekend may not see much improvement. Let’s hope the trout disagree!