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Cavan coarse festival round up


Andy Burnett reports on the Cavan angling festival scene…

The Cavan Autumn festival scene is in full swing at the moment, with guesthouses, pubs and local hotels full of visiting anglers, the fishing has been good on the whole and the craic is mighty.

Several festivals have taken place so far with the Gowna festival, Arvagh, King of clubs, Belturbet, and Kings Classic all taking place on a number of venues across the Cavan and Leitrim area.

Dave Stewart at Beltrubet

Fishing has been up and down on several venues, but generally speaking has been pretty consistent on the early festivals the prolonged low water levels and high temperatures made fishing tricky for the anglers, but those who adapted well to suit the conditions came out on top. When the wet cooler weather arrived it took a few days for the fishing to bounce back but then some great catches were had.

To kick things off we had the Kings Classic, fished on the 29 August 2nd September, this was fished by 40 visiting anglers from the Netherlands and UK along with a few local anglers.

Running the same week was the Gowna Festival, with a field of 54 anglers the fishing was very good for all

Top 5 were;

  • 1st Kevin Johnson     weight = 103.00kg
  • 2nd Julian Kendrick     weight = 89.040kg
  • 3rd  Rory Dunne     weight = 88.880kg
  • 4th  Rory O’Neill    weight =  82.450kg
  • 5th  Tony Kersley   weight  =  82.300kg
Kevin Johnston at Arva

The following week was the Arvagh International with 63 anglers, fishing was again very consistent with good weights coming from all venues

Top 5 were ;

  • 1st  Dave McManus  weight = 101.800kg
  • 2nd  Simon Stott  weight = 96.310kg
  • 3rd  Gavin Butler  weight = 95.630kg
  • 4th Wayne Easter  weight  = 91.470kg
  • 5th  Kevin Johnson  weight  = 82.525kg

Also running the week of 5-9 September was the Belturbet festival which returned to the angling calendar for the first time in a few years and it came back with a bang returning some great results for the 35 visiting anglers in attendance.

Top 5 were;

  • 1st  Seamus Winters   weight = 81.080kg
  • 2nd  Wayne Fuller   weight = 72.820kg
  • 3rd  Fergal Smith   weight =  67.980kg
  • 4th  Mick Smith   weight =  66.560kg
  • 5th  Mark Theedom   weight = 64.800kg
Fergal Smith at Belturbet

The Annual King of Clubs was held  the week of September 12 – 16th  with 48 anglers attending from far and wide.  Weights took a slight dip this week but in general results were still very good.

Top 5 were;

  • 1st  Kevin Johnson  weight = 80.325kg
  • 2nd  Tony McGregor  weight = 75.675kg
  • 3rd  Simon Godfrey  weight = 74.725kg
  • 4th  Gavin Butler  weight = 72.470kg
  • 5th  Peter Riley  weight = 70.300kg

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