The Limerick Pike Anglers held their sixth competition of the winter season last week in far from wintry conditions. Most of our reports from them this year had them facing freezing temperatures, cold winds or torrential rain, but last week this all changed as the sun came out and anglers were able to enjoy a bit of rest and recreation while fishing rather than the usual hardship.

It was a junior angler who came to the fore on the day as Thomas Williams landed two eight pounders in short succession to top the table on the day beating all the adults including his dad who currently tops the league. The next best catch of the day went to the angler who managed to fish a pack of biscuits out of the water before they got a soaking…

Quick with the net to prevent a soggy biscuit…

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Results were as follows:

1st Tommy Williams 12lb07oz
2nd Gavin Cashin 2lb3oz
1st Thomas O’Donnell 16lb05oz
Senior Heaviest Fish
Thomas Williams 7lb15oz
Junior Heaviest Fish
Thomas O’Donnell 8lb03oz