There were 99 salmon caught during the week ending 15 May in the Moy catchment. 82 of these salmon were reported from the river Moy and 6 of these were released.

13 salmon were reported from Lough Conn, 2 of which came from Pontoon Bridge and 11 from around the lake. Most of these salmon were caught on various spoons. 4 salmon were reported from the river Deel.

Water levels recorded at Ballylahan Bridge were 0.481m on the Monday morning and after heavy rain on Monday night rose quiet quickly to 0.908m and dropped slowly during the week to 0.458m by Sunday night.

Water temperatures averaged 9.9˚celsius throughout the system.

River Moy salmon
David Mc Loughlin, Ballina, with a salmon of just under 13 lbs caught on worm

The Ridge Pool recorded 3 salmon for the week, best 10.5 lbs. on fly.

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 4 salmon for the week, best 13lbs. on a worm.

Byrnes Fishery recorded their first Salmon of the season which weighed 13 lbs. and then in the following days had 2 more salmon of 11 lbs. and 9 lbs. respectively.

Armstrong Fishery reported 5 salmon on worm, shrimp and spinner, best of which weighed 13lbs.

Gannon’s Fishery had 2 salmon, best 9 lbs. on prawn and 2 more were lost.

Foxford Fishery produced 3 salmon, best 10 lbs. on a spoon.

Foxford Salmon Anglers had 9 salmon, 5 came from Rinnaney Fishery and 4 came from Bakers waters.

At least 1 salmon was reported from Foxford Town.

Clongee Fishery reported 1 salmon for 10 lbs. on a bubble and fly.

River Moy salmon
Frank Sommer on East Mayo stretch of Moy.

East Mayo Anglers had 51 salmon for the week with 6 of these released.  Jen Jansen from Wicklow had a salmon of 16 lbs. on the fly the biggest recorded for the season so far. 2 more of 14lbs. salmon and a 13 lb salmon were recorded, while the rest averaged 7/8 lbs.

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