A relatively tough week on the lakes. Fishing was patchy, with some anglers meeting a lot of trout while others seeing nothing. Shallow waters are fishing best, by all reports, with some good rises and splashing at the fly but still not taking. Still some cool north easterly winds and cool air temperatures are slowing down the fly life on the Lakes. Saying that, some good hatches of mayfly were noted in some areas around Lough Conn when the winds changed to westerly direction during the week.

Best flies for the week were mayfly patterns and dry Olives, Wulff’s and Bumbles.

Lough Conn trout
Peter Roche, Cloghans, with a nice trout from Cloghans Bay, released

At Cloonamoyne Fishery in Enniscoe, at the Northern end of Lough Conn, Ian Wise had a few parties of anglers on the Lake. While he said it was challenging, anglers still had some good sport. A group from Cork met a lot of small fish to bumbles and mayflies with all released, best fish was 1.5 lbs.

2 anglers from Westport had 4 keepers between them on brown wullfs, best 1.75 lbs., all released.  A party of anglers from Scotland met a lot of small fish, with some splashing at the fly but not taking, still they had 3 good trout to the boat, best almost 2 lbs., and all were released.

Cloonamoyne Fishery in North Conn with Bog Bay in the background.
Cloonamoyne Fishery in North Conn with Bog Bay in the background.

Gary Binley and Peter Roche fished Castlehill Bay on Wednesday last with very few mayflies to be seen and had 1 small trout each to the boat. They moved to Cloghans Bay where there was a big hatch of mayfly being blown across the bay in a Westerly breeze. They had several fish to measure, each fish was approximately 1.5 lbs. and all were released.

From Murphy’s Boat Hire, a party of 4 in 2 boats had some patchy fishing around Coleman Shallows and Massbrook Bay. They saw plenty of mayfly on the water but found it difficult to find fish rising to them. They had 3 keepers all released with a few smaller fish to the boat also.

May fly dance at Tolans bay at the weekend
May fly dance at Tolans bay at the weekend

2 Anglers fishing from Murphy’s had 5 trout between them and encountered a lot of smaller trout too, all released, best fish 1.5 lbs., around Massbrook point and Cullinakillew Bay.

Michael Noone, Lahardane, had 3 trout for an evening’s fishing outside Phuilwokhouse Bay and Fir Tree Shore on a Red Tag Green Peter and Bumble Olive.

Crossmolina angling Club held their annual fly competition, the Aidan Connor Cup for heaviest bag and Michael Benson Shield for heaviest fish. 34 Anglers weighed in 18 trout. Eamon Kelly, Dublin and Lahardane, won the overall cup with 4 trout, and Colm McAndrew won the Shield for heaviest trout, at almost 2 lbs.

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Trout fly fishing on Loughs Conn and Cullin