On Monday morning, 13 June 2022, a third virtual draw took place to allocate 38 River Lee Brown Tags to prequalified salmon licence holders.  A total of 197 entries were received of which 191 were valid.

Qualified entrants were issued numbers ranging from B2 to B192 inclusive by email on Saturday 11 June.  Please ensure to check your spam folder/junk mail if you applied and have not received an email in your inbox.

IFI recorded the draw and used a random generator to draw the numbers, which is evident in the recording.  A total of 43 numbers were drawn in the first instance. The first 38 will be allocated brown tags. The 5 reserve numbers may be allocated a tag in the event one of the first 38 is not in apposition to take, or returns their allocation.

The draw was witnessed by Sean Long, RBD Director, Thomas Morrison, Cork District Inspector, Myles Kelly, Angling Advisor and Catherine Dwane, Assistant Inspector (Administrator of the Tags).

Numbers selected are laid out below.

B32, B183, B180, B181, B126, B17, B75, B118, B12, B138, B159, B102, B6, B41, B66, B91, B48, B175, B79, B63, B86, B40, B169, B51, B54, B70, B153, B60, B20, B45, B93, B15, B72, B67, B34, B17 (Duplicate error), B66 (Duplicate error), B134

These are the initial 5 reserve numbers:

  • B96
  • B55 
  • B88
  • B36
  • B67 (Duplicate error)

Due to duplicate errors B96 and B55 will receive tags in this draw, B67 received a tag through the main draw. Remaining reserve numbers are

  • B88
  • B36

It is envisaged that the Brown Tags will be issued by post this afternoon.  All anglers are asked to acknowledge receipt of their Brown Tag by email including the tag number to [email protected]