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Ireland on the Fly: Pollack on the fly – and why more & more fly anglers are focusing on this fish


The Ireland on the Fly podcast talks to well-known Saltwater Flyfishing Guide Richie Ryan about flyfishing for Pollack

if you’re into saltwater fly fishing, by all accounts, 2022 seems to have been the year of the pollack with large numbers and large sizes of the fish being caught right throughout the season.

Are we seeing more pollack being caught because more anglers are targeting them on the fly?  And, what’s happened to the bass?

To find out more, for this week’s Ireland on the Fly podcast, Tom and Daire are joined by Richie Ryan, the Cork guide specialising in catching pollack on the fly.

Richie told the lads of incredible days with 30-40 pollack being caught, how and when to target them and why, for him, bass is now playing second fiddle to pollack when it comes to his saltwater fly fishing.

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