Jim Clohessy has taken advantage of the fine weather and calm seas to put some distance between himself and dry land for some ‘deeper water scratching’! Fishing with crew mate Paul, the plan was to ditch the lures for the day and focus on bait fishing, but they only managed to eke out three mackerel and a few launce for their bait – so it was literally a case of the loaves and the fishes! Jim reckons that mackerel haven’t been easy to come by so far this year.

All calm at Paddy’s Point

With rationed bait they still managed to get some good fishing in blistering sunshine, with good numbers of haddock, big whiting, some cod and one decent hake that put up a great fight.

Jim has been out after blue shark as well lately, but the fish have been slow, even lethargic with a few swimming around the boat refusing to take a bait. Jim has clocked water surface temperatures of up to 18.7°C, which may have had an effect on things.

Sea angling in Cork Harbour