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Super mix of species, mini-species & new club record for Junior Mariner

Good pollack for Gavin Dorrian...one of many species caught by Killybegs Mariners members over the past week

Members of Killybegs Mariners SAC enjoyed yet another eventful week’s shore and rock fishing recording a phenomenal variety of species including sea trout, turbot, flounder, coalfish, pollack, corkwing wrasse, codling, dab and rockling to name but a few.

Decent sea trout
Cormac with a night turbot
Fine dab

A number of different mini-species were also caught. However, one of the many highlights of the week was a rare Connemara clingfish for Mariners member Cormac Burke. This is the 56th species of fish caught by members of the Killybegs Mariners SAC since they started keeping formal records in January 2021 and the 69th for Cormac!

First ever for Cormac Walsh a rare Connemara clingfish
Blenny…fishing for mini-species is getting more and more popular

Junior member, Christopher Gillespie, set a new club record for shore-caught whiting with a fish measuring 35cm. Well done Christopher! Other new club records were recorded for rock goby, shore rockling and clingfish of course.

New club record shore whiting for junior member Christopher Gillespie
Super shore rockling

All images courtesy of Killybegs Mariners SAC.

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