A calm Kents pool in North Conn looking towards Nephin Mountain and Lahardane.

Osgur Grieve reports that duckfly are up on L. Conn when conditions come good:

A calm start to the week, with higher-than-normal temperatures, up to 15˚ Celsius, brought out a good hatch of duck fly in bays throughout Conn and Cullin. Peter Roche, Cloghans and Gary Binley, Foxford had 8 trout up to 2 lbs in Cloghans Bay. Stephen Browne, Knockmore and Joe Quinn, Ballina also had a few fish to buzzers in Cloghans Bay.

2 trout for just over 1.25 lbs each caught by Michael Noone, Lahardane at Cormorant rocks, South Conn on an Octopus and Green Peter.

As the week progressed the hatch stalled with very cold winds from the Northeast. Peter Roche saw a good show of fish along the Brackwansha shore and had 5 trout in 2 hours to Dabblers on Saturday. Michael Noone, Lahardane, had 2 trout for 1.25 lbs each on a Green Peter and an Octopus and returned at least 10 more smaller trout all on drifts around Cormorant Rocks. Padraig Traynor, Crossmolina had a few trout in Flannery’s Bay, best 1.25 lbs. Colin Cahill from Mullingar had 3 trout for over 4 lbs. Gary Keavney, Ballina had a trout for 3.5 lbs in Knockmore Bay on a spoon while trolling for salmon.

Best flies for the week were Green Peter, Dabblers, Buzzers, Connemara Black and Fiery Brown.

1.5 lb trout released by Gary Binley in Cloghans Bay, caught on an adult Duck fly.