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Duckfly commenced annual appearance on Lough Cullin

Beautifully marked L. Conn trout for Martin Kenny

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

A few anglers ventured out when the weather allowed and had some action to the fly during the week. Ian Wise was into action releasing a trout just over 1 lbs. from Flannery’s Bay. Lucky angler Martin Kenny had a beautifully marked trout weighing 1.75lbs. on a Claret Bumble in Cloghans Bay.

The Duckfly commenced their annual appearance on Cullin during the week with a small number seen in some areas. This heralds the start of the fly-fishing in earnest with larger hatches expected over the coming weeks and hopefully this will improve the fishing.

Peter Roche, Cloghans and Gary Binley, Foxford, fished over the weekend for a few hours and Gary unfortunately lost a trout estimated at 2lbs. while using a Humongous. This fly has been stirring up a bit of interest from the trout lately. They both rose a few more trout during their short time on the lake.