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Poor fly life and cold temperatures compromise angling on Loughs Conn & Cullin

A trout released by Simon Leonard in Tolans Bay, caught on a brown and gold Rapala

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

A very slow week on the lakes.  Very windy conditions and cold temperatures kept anglers off the lakes. Virtually no fly life noticeable with only a few Mayfly appearing here and there. However, a few anglers ventured out towards the weekend when temperatures and conditions improved.

Peter Roche from Cloghans and Johnny Warren, Crossmolina fished the Errew Shore and bay and only saw one Mayfly for the day. They had three small fish to the boat on a wet Sooty Olive and a Raymond. All fish were released. Peter was fishing again the next day along Inishlea Shore  and Mossops Rock area and down towards Kents Pool.  Overall he had a good few fish to the boat with two of these keepable, all on Raymond and Olive Bumbles. All fish were released.

A party of anglers from Wales reported some good sport for an hour over a day in Cloghans Bay all on dry fly.

A group of four anglers from the UK had 17 trout to the boat over 2 days on various wet Mayfly patterns fishing out of Murphy’s Boat Hire, Massbrook.  All fish were released.

Michael Noone, Lahardane, fishing in Bog Bay had an extremely good day, boating 3 good trout for almost 4 lbs, 3 lbs and 2 lbs all on a wet green Mayfly. He released two of the trout.

Michael Noone, Lahardane, with one of the trout caught in Bog Bay on a wet Green Mayfly

Simon Leonard, Ballina, trolling for salmon near Tolan’s Bay caught and released a trout for near 2 lbs. on a gold and brown Rapala.

Most anglers commented that angling was quite poor and that it was difficult to rise fish on the surface, mostly due to cool temperatures and poor fly life.