Steve Schreck reports on fishing on the Moy for the week ending 30/04/2023 


Action on the Moy catchment is finally starting to pick up. A total of 21 salmon were reported caught for the past week, with three of those fish returned on EMAA waters. Water levels at Ballylahan Bridge on Monday morning were recorded at 0.596m and after slowly dropping over the week, went back to 0.59 on Sunday.


The Moy Fishery recorded 1 salmon for the week, caught on a silver toby (8.5 lbs).


Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 4 salmon, 3 on the spinner and 1 on the worm (6 lbs, 8lbs, 9lbs and 9lbs).

Colin Rea with a beautiful 9 lbs bar of silver caught on Ballina Salmon Anglers waters


The Foxford Fishery reported 2 fish caught on the prawn (6lbs and 10lbs).

Cloongee Fishery reported 1 salmon for the week caught spinning (10.5lbs).

East Mayo Anglers recorded 11 salmon for the week (3 released), 3 fish on the spinner, 5 on the fly and 3 on the worm. The biggest fish weighed in at 11.5lbs, while the rest of them were in the 6lbs to 9lbs bracket.

Great salmon for Marko who was guided by Paddy McDonnell on the River Moy


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