The Athy & District Anglers report on the final match of their Winter League fished on 19 February…

In the heart of Athy, the Marina Club grounds played host to the thrilling culmination of the 2023 Winter League for the Athy and District Anglers Club. Due to the River Barrow swelling with floodwaters, the competition was relocated, but this change of venue didn’t dampen the spirits of the avid anglers who converged for the final match.

The day dawned with the promise of spring, surprising participants with unexpected sunshine that bathed the Marina Club grounds in a warm glow. Anglers, clad in anticipation and armed with their gear, gathered at 8:30 for a day that would prove to be a highlight in the angling calendar.


A dozen enthusiastic participants answered the call, each eager to test their skills in the final showdown of the Winter League. At 8:45, pegs were drawn, and the anglers wasted no time setting up their gear, their excitement palpable as they prepared for the challenge ahead.

The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as the all-in call came at 10 am, heralded by the experienced voice of Des. Anglers, with baited breath, eagerly cupped in bait and set their lines, hoping for a productive day on the waters. However, the initial moments saw a slow start, teasing the competitors with a bit of suspense.

Within 30 minutes, the narrative took a turn, with many anglers finding success in their pursuits. Chris, Ryan, Jimmy, Tommy, and Keith emerged as early stars, showcasing their angling prowess by landing some excellent tench after engaging in intense battles with these powerful fish. The Marina came alive with the sight of tench, a testament to the health of the waters.

Roach, too, made their presence felt, as they eagerly responded to the offerings from the anglers. The camaraderie among the pegs was vibrant, with banter echoing across the Marina, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Fergal landed a phenomenal Perch, over 2lbs in weight! A beautiful specimen that fought like a demon on the way in.

2lb perch

However, not every moment was one of triumph. Chris, in particular, faced the heartbreak of losing two exceptional tench right at the bank, a result of hooklinks snapping.

As the clock ticked towards 3:30 pm, the ‘all out’ call marked the conclusion of a day filled with angling adventures. The final weigh-ins revealed fantastic weights, with more than half of the anglers boasting double-digit hauls.

In total, over 130lbs of fish were caught, underscoring the skill and dedication of the Athy and District Anglers Club members.


  1. Ryan – 20lb 4ozs
  2. Jimmy – 17lb 6ozs
  3. Chris – 14lb 8ozs
  4. Tommy – 12lb 6ozs
  5. Barry – 12lb 4ozs

Overall League Results

  1. Ryan – 10pts
  2. Tommy – 18.5pts
  3. Jimmy – 19pts
  4. Chris – 21pts
  5. Clive – 28pts

A huge thank you to Clive of Elk Recruitment Carlow and Murphs tackle show Carlow for sponsoring our grand final! Very much appreciated by the club and by all participants!

A massive well done to all anglers that participated in the league! Here’s looking forward to this years action-packed match calendar!

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Athy & District Anglers Club was formed in 1959 and to this day they continue to pursue their goals of protecting, maintaining and encouraging the sport of angling in the greater Athy area. The club works with local authorities to improve and maintain local fishing areas as well as organizing events and matches for local and national anglers. Athy & District Anglers Club welcomes all new members and all age groups to the sport! If you’d like to get involved, please check out the Getting Involved section of their website.

Athy Town Coarse Angling Centre on the Barrow