Senior members of the Dublin Pike Anglers held a competition recently on the Erne system, where they mentored some of the up and coming junior members of the club,  passing on their pike fishing knowledge to the next generation.

Fishing under the watchful eyes of old hands Godfrey Donohue, Paddy Burke and Gavin Downey, junior member Harry Walsh stunned the wise old sages by landing his very first pike – the fish of a lifetime, a superb specimen weighing in at over 30lb 13ozs.

Harry and his monster pike

The seniors, who graciously gave up their time during the months competition to assist the juniors, might just have to take tips from Harry in future following this astonishing feat! Well done to him!

Following the careful unhooking of the pike and a photo or two, the next lesson for Harry was to get the pike back in the water quickly and allow it to recover before watching it glide back to the underwater realm.

Harry helps to release his prize pike

Please fish in a sustainable manner