Richie Ryan has been enjoying a great mix of saltwater fly fishing adventures on Cork Harbour. He met a fine shoal of Bass on May 4th and enjoyed brilliant fun on the fly with Jacques Bronkhorst and Kevin Mc Loughlin. By the end of the session they had close on 30 Bass to the boat. A return trip a couple of days later saw only one bass caught. Luckily Jacques and Richie had some excellent Pollack on the fly as a substitute.

Friday 10th of May and Richie was back out on the water, this time with comedian Bob Stevenson. Bob had some fine Pollack on the fly. The also had a small bass and Richie landed a cod on fly.

It was more pollack on Sunday. This time the lucky angler was Aaid Mirza, who thoroughly enjoyed his first taste of saltwater fly fishing. He told Richie he was coming back for another session as soon as possible!

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