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    Monaghan Town angling centre is located on the N2 approximately 22kms north west of Castleblaney. Monaghan town and its satellite villages of Emyvale, Glaslough, Scotstown Ballinode, and Tydavnet are surrounded by a host of underutilized angling venues, which contain stocks of fish to satisfy the expectations of all coarse anglers. Among the more popular venues in the area are Peters Lake, Drumreask, Quig Lough, Astrish, Killyboley, Monmurray, and Glaslough, all of which are located north of Monaghan. The Rossmore Park Lakes are located in the Coillte Forest Park south west of Monaghan and consist of a number of lakes including Castle Lake, Priestfield Lake, The Twin Lakes and Barnhill Lake.

    Peter’s Lake is located in the center of Monaghan Town and has great access. The lake is surrounded by a path and the banks are firm. This lake covers less than 1 hectare with depths to 3m. This lake holds good stocks of roach, bream, hybrids and pike. Tench to over 5lbs have also been taken at this venue. All methods work at this popular venue but it can favor the pole as the lake gets a growth of lilies in summer. There is excellent parking in the car park off Glaslough Street and on the nearby road.

    Drumreask Lake is located on the R186 3Km northwest of Monaghan Town on the road to Scotstown. This lake covers an area of 4 hectares with depths to 4m. The lake is generally reed fringed with a soft shoreline. The best access is on the southern shoreline from the car or the stands from the road. Drumreask has good stocks of bream, roach, rudd, hybrids and pike. This venue has also recorded tench to over 6lbs.

    Quig Lough is located on the R186 close to the village of Ballinode. This lake covers an area of 12 hectares with depths to 4.5m. Access is best from the northern end through a large iron gate, which must be kept closed at all times. A number of fishing stands are provided on the eastern shoreline of this reed fringed lake. Quig lough holds a good stock of fish including tench to over 6lbs. Other species available in the lake include roach, rudd, bream, hybrids, perch and pike. Parking is located on the grass verges at the end of the lane. Please do not obstruct any gates.

    Astrish Lake is a small 2-hectare lake located 5Km north of Emyvale. This is a shallow lake and gets a growth of lilies in summer, it’s margins are soft and reed fringed. Access and parking are difficult on this lake which contains good stocks of tench. This water also contains stocks of rudd, perch and pike.

    Killyboley Lake is located 2Km south of the pretty village of Glaslough and covers an area of 6 hectares. Access is the best from the southeastern shoreline of this lake, which contains a stock of tench, rudd, perch and pike. Car parking is difficult on this small roadway and anglers should take extreme care.

    The Rossmore Park Lakes are located in the Coillte Forest Park on the R189 3Km southwest of Monaghan Town. There is excellent parking but access to the lakes is difficult with foot access only. A trolley to wheel tackle to your chosen lake is advisable and there are good pathways. There are a number of lakes in this cluster with the most popular angling venues being the Twin Lakes, Castle Lake, Priestfield Lake and Barnhill Lake. These lakes are generally shallow and best suited to pole and float fishing. All of the lakes are well signposted.

    The Twin Lakes cover an area of approximately 3.5 and 4.5 hectares respectively with depths to 2.5m. These lakes contain good stocks of roach, rudd, perch and pike. Being shallow they favor pole and float rigs. These lakes can produce pike to specimen size. These lakes are reed fringed with tree lined banks and swim clearance is sometimes necessary. They also get a heavy growth of lilies during the summer.

    Castle Lake covers an area of 2.5 hectares with depths to 2.5m. Being shallow water, witch gets a growth of lilies in summer, it is best fished by pole or float. It contains good stocks of rudd, perch and pike. It has an excellent stock of small tench and carp are also reported to be present.

    Priestfield Lake covers an area of 2 hectares with depths to 2.5m. This lake contains stocks of pike, perch, tench and rudd. Pole and float produce the best results. Carp are also present in this lake.

    Barnhill Lake is a small Lake covering an area of approximately 1-hectare with depths to 1.5m. This lake has stocks of carp as well as pike, perch, tench and rudd. Pole and float methods are the best on this small water.

    The Convent Lake is located in the heart of Monaghan Town with access through the gates of the St. Louis Secondary school and nursing home. This lake covers an area of approximately 3 hectares with depths to 2m. This lake contains a wide variety of species including roach, rudd, hybrids, perch and pike. Some bream and tench are also present. This is an excellent all year round pike fishery. Access and parking is excellent but there are a limited number of swims.

    Monmurry Lake is located 3km north of Glaslough and covers an area of 10 hectares. This lake has a soft margins and stiles and footbridges have facilitated access to the lake. A large angling stand on the eastern shore of the lake allows anglers to fish this heavily reeded lake. This lake contains stocks of bream, rudd, perch and pike. Parking on the narrow roads around this lake is difficult.

    Glaslough Lake is located on the grounds of the Leslie estate in the village of Glaslough. Permission must be obtained from the owners before fishing and details of the relevant charges can be obtained from the castle. This lake contains excellent stock of coarse fish together with the quality of pike angling makes it;’s one of the most beautiful angling venues in Europe. If you wish to give yourself a real treat try visiting this venue. Both boat and gillie services are available at this venue. For fishing conditions charges and reservatons Tel: 00 353 47 88109, Fax: 00 353 47 88256, e-mail: ultan@castle-leslie.ie website: www.castleleslie.com.

    Castleblaney Angling Centre is located on the N2 16km north of Carrickmacross. The town itself is located on the shores of the magnificent Lough Mucko. There are also a number of smaller lakes in the area including the Gas lake, Smiths lake, Malones lake and Killygola that provide the angler with a variety of quality angling venues.

    Lough Muckno is located off the N2 on the eastern side of Castleblaney. This lake covers an area of 325 hectares with depths to 20m. There are a number of well established fishing locations on this lake including White island, Black Island, Concra Wood, South Lodge and Toome Point. This lake holds huge stocks of fish including bream, rudd, roach, hybrids, tench, perch and pike.

    White Island is accessed through the gates to Hope Castle to the east of the town. This is by far the most popular coarse fishing venue on the lake and produces many 100lb bags annually. Waggler, pole and feeder methods all produce results at this location. The most popular swims are located below the wooded area on the eastern shoreline of the island. Fishing in this area is to about 6m but there is a shelf which can snag the feeder so fish it short. A platform is of great assistance in this area. There is excellent parking available in the field but anglers must be aware that the access road is liable to flooding during certain periods of the year.

    Black Island is accessed as for White Island. Stay left on the roadway and you will find parking for your vehicle next to the wooden bridge across the river. There is a walkway through the wooded area that leads to a number of swims. Anglers can expect to fish into depths of 5m to 7m in this area.

    Concra Wood is located by turning right off the N2 onto the N53 as you enter Castleblaney. After approximately 1.5km there is a signposted laneway to the left which indicates the way to this location. There are many swims in this area and it is a popular competition venue. Fishing is generally into depths of 3m to 4m. but depths to 9m are possible off the Belfast steps. This area produces great catches of quality roach but all the other species listed are regularly taken.

    South Lodge is accessed, as for Concra wood except the left turn is located 2.5km along the N53. This turn is signposted and takes you directly to the lakeside. This is an excellent fishing venue located close to the road and is a suitable for disabled anglers or those with reduced mobility. Fishing on the inside of the islands is to around 5m to 6m. This venue regularly produces good catches of roach, bream and hybrids. There is excellent roadside car parking in this location. There is also a slipway here where boats can be launched.

    Toome Point is directly across from south point and is best accessed from the same direction. Access is through a gateway at the end of the promontory. This shoreline is clear and anglers can expect to locate depths from 3m to 8m. Feeder methods are effective and good catches of skimmers and roach are recorded at this location. Catches of bream, hybrids and perch are also regularly produced.

    The Gas Lake is located on the northern end of Castleblaney on the R181 Keady road and is really an extension of Lough Muckno to which a short river connects it. Access is best from the western side from the Keady road. Fishing stands are provided to facilitate anglers but these may be partially covered during high water conditions. This lake covers an area of x hectares with depths to xm. It contains good stocks of bream, roach, hybrids, tench and pike. This is a popular fishery due to its proximity to the town.

    Smith’s Lake or Drumcrew Lough is located south of Castleblaney near the junction of the N2 and the N53. On entering Castleblaney from Carrickmacross turn right at the junction with the N53. Smiths lake is located 0.3km on the right hand side of the road. This lake covers an area of 2 hectares with depths to 2m. The lake margins are soft and gets a growth of lillies during the summer period thus indicating the shallow nature of the water. Parking is difficult and swims are located on the eastern shoreline. This is a popular pole-fishing venue. This lake contains stocks of bream roach, tench and perch.

    Malone’s Lake or Corrinshigo Lough is located 1.9km north west of Castleblaney. Take the N2 Castleblaney to Monaghan road turning left at the junction with the R183 Ballybay road. The lake is situated less than 1km on the right side of the road. This small lake covers an area of 4hectares with depths to 4m. Stands are provided and parking is on the roadside. Anglers should take care on this busy road. The lake contains stocks of bream, roach, rudd, perch and pike. Swims are located close to the road and all methods produce results.

    Killygola Lake is located approximately 2km north of Castleblaney on the R181 Keady road. Parking is limited on this road and anglers should exercise great caution. The margins of the lake are very soft and treacherous in places and access is limited. The best chance of access is on the Eastern Shore from the Keady road. This lake holds stocks of bream, roach, tench, perch and pike. It also contains a large stock of rudd to specimen size 1.021kgs.

    Local Contacts:
    Peader O’Brien, Lakewood, Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan, Ireland Tel: 00 353 42 9663207.

    Dick Kiernan, Venture Sports, 71 Glaslough Street, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan. Tel: 00 353 47 81495,

    Stephen Penders, Secretary, Rossmore Park Anglers, e-mail: rcac@oceanfree.net