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    Enfield and Edenderry Coarse Angling Centres

    Fishing the pole at Edenderry on the Grand Canal

    Coarse fishing in these areas centers on the Royal and Grand canals. Both of these canals hold excellent stocks of perch, bream, roach, tench and eels. There has been extensive development on large stretches of these waterways and there is good access for disabled anglers in some areas.

    Edenderry and Enfield Coarse Angling Clubs hold annual angling festivals and visiting anglers are welcome to participate.

    A calendar of events is produced annually by the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland.

    Access and parking facilities are excellent in both these areas and there is plenty of help and advice available locally.

    Brian O’Donohue, Baconstown, Enfield, Co. Meath.
    Tel: 00 353 405 41911.