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Irish Angling Update 24 June 2022

Earlier in the week, it seemed that summer would make a first real appearance (at least here in the north-west) but unfortunately, this only lasted for a day until more windy and showery weather reached us from the Atlantic. However, the unsettled weather brought some badly needed rain to some northern and western parts of the country while most other areas remained on the “dry side”.

The Moy was one of the rivers which benefited from the fresh water with grilse fishing improving significantly.

Anglers fishing the Cathedral Beat in Ballina

The Moy Estuary also fished well during the week as reported by skipper Judd Ruane. While anglers on the Moy were blessed with rising water levels, their counterparts in the south-west were still hoping for some rain. Having said that, a number of big fish up to 9kg were caught on the Cork Blackwater despite the low water conditions. Low water levels also impacted on salmon angling on the Bandon and rivers in West Cork, while grilse fishing picked up on Lough Currane.

Over to trout fishing, where after a poor mayfly season flyfishing hasn’t really improved and is still quite slow. In the north-west, anglers on Loughs Conn & Cullin were struggling with windy conditions and the unseasonably cold weather which was reflected in the poor fly life observed. The picture was the same on Lough Sheelin, where trout anglers experienced yet another tough week with very little surface activity reported.

The last farewell…Sheelin’s Ephemera danica

Staying with Lough Sheelin, Ireland on the Fly podcast spoke to Eamonn Ross from the Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association about this year’s mayfly season and other interesting topics. Whilst flyfishing on the Western Lakes doesn’t seem to be very effective these days, other methods produced great results. On Lough Corrib, Toni Kurman enjoyed some fantastic Ferox fishing together with his clients, while angling guide Jasper Mathews was also successful on the troll.

Nice Corrib Ferox

With regard to river trout fishing we received a wonderful report from Keith Millar who recently moved from South Africa to Co. Cork together with his family. What a little gem they found just on their doorstep… Find out here.

In coarse fishing, the 5th qualifier of Ireland’s Feeder King took place on a very blustery Lough Muckno in County Monaghan but still producing highest weights of 12kg and 13kg of skimmers and hybrids. Hybrids were also the target for Mark and Dave who were staying with Kevin Lyons of Melview Fishing Lodge. The two UK anglers overcame adverse conditions for big catches of bream and hybrids in Longford.

Mark and Dave with a good bag off Hybrids.
Mark and Dave with a good bag off Hybrids

In the absence of any pike reports, sea anglers were doing exceptionally well all around the coast this past week. Starting on the east coast, Kit Dunne of Wicklow Boat Charters reported more specimen tope and hounds for his clients.

Specimen Wicklow tope

Fishing out of Courtmacsherry with West Cork Charters, Bert McGregor will definitely remember his 70th birthday catching blue whiting, blue shark and a 45 lbs. blue skate, which makes our “Catch of the Week”.

blue skate
Blue skate, a variety of common skate…an individual species opinion is divided. One this is for sure though they are a lovely looking fish

Kayak fishing has also been good in West Cork.  David Norman of West Cork Bass was out with a client on a guided kayak fishing trip and reported on some great top water bass action. Moving up the coast, the West Clare charter boats took advantage of any better days lately, and were enjoying some great mixed and predator fishing including fine tope, ray and huss.

West Clare Thornback

A little further north in Galway Bay, anglers on the Brazen Hussy II also had some good mixed species fishing. This was also the case in Donegal Bay where anglers had big pollack, tope, ling and cod. Finally, Killybegs Mariners SAC recorded another multitude of species including a new club record mullet for Gavin Dorrian.

New club record thick lipped mullet for Gavin Dorrian

Other News

The 2021 Irish Specimen Fish Reports has been published and is available on the ISFC website www.specimenfish.ie. Hard copies of the report are available free of charge from Inland Fisheries Ireland offices nationally. Over 470 specimen-weight fish were caught by anglers from venues throughout Ireland in 2021 including a new Irish record set by Jim Clohessy from Cork who smashed the existing record for Stone Basse when fishing off Cork Harbour.

And now the weather

Tonight, rain will continue in western parts , potentially turning heavy and thundery at times with a continued risk of spot flooding. Further to the east, it will be clearer with isolated showers. Tomorrow will be an unseasonably cold, windy and wet day. Heavy rain will continue over the western half and will spread across the country throughout the day. Highest temperatures of 11 to 17°C, coolest in the west, in fresh to strong and gusty southerly or variable winds. The outlook for Sunday and the beginning of next week is for more unsettled weather with widespread rain turning heavy at times. Daytime temperatures will remain on the cool side ranging between  3 to 17°C.

Safe fishing to all and tight lines, especially here in Ireland. If you’re heading to the coast, don’t forget to check the tides.

Markus Müller
Catch, Photo, Release

If you have an angling story to share with the Irish Angling Update, please send it to reports@fisheriesireland.ie.

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Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing Reports

Trout Fishing Reports

Coarse Angling Reports

Sea Angling Reports

Good mixed species fishing in Galway Bay

A grey gurnard for this lucky angler

The Brazen hussy II has been out a few days this week when weather permitted, and skipper John Fleming has been putting his guests over some nice fish.

Pollack aplenty was the story on Saturday, with plenty of mackerel also caught, providing good bait.


Monday was a dour day, with northerly winds and overcast conditions. The wind favoured sticking close to the north shore of the bay, where they picked up plenty of bull huss, conger eel, pollack and mackerel.

Bull huss
Bull hiss

Tuesday, however, was a beautiful day with warm sunshine and slack winds. The offshore reefs produced a nice few fish, although fishing was not as hectic as hoped for.

A grey gurnard for this lucky angler

Go Fishing…

Brazen Hussy ll

Skipper: John Fleming
Licence:1011 (11 passengers and 1 crew)
Base: Rosaveal, Spiddal, Galway (Depending on species)
Operational area: Rosaveal, Spiddal and Galway up to
20 miles to seat

Notes: A regular day is between 9am- 6pm from either
Rosaveel, Spiddal or Galway depending on species being sought after. Fishing
on the inshore reefs for pollock, cod, ling, wrasse, conger eel and mackerel
can be reached in 10 minutes from departure, while our offshore reef marks
are within 45 minutes of departure. Our ground fishing for tope, spurdog,
ray, bullhuss, turbot, plaice and the giant common skate can all be reached
within the hour which ensures the most amount of time is spent fishing.
The shark season usually starts at the end of June and runs into late
October, this is the ultimate angling addrenaline rush with these hard
fighting blue and porbeagle sharks all being tagged and release safely.
Package deals available

Address: Baile an tsagairt, Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 (0)87 7571320

Fresh water and a rise in water levels improve salmon angling on the Moy

Anglers fishing the Cathedral Beat in Ballina

Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…

Angling Report Week ending 19/06/2022

360 Salmon were reported caught for the week in the Moy catchment.  Water levels recorded at Ballylahan Bridge were 0.345m on the Monday morning and after some rain on Wednesday night, brought a little fresh water into the system and levels rose to 0.384m. Water levels slowly levelled back to 0.280m by Sunday night. The fresh water really improved the fishing for the weekend with anglers seeing more fish go through.  Water temperatures ranged from 10.5˚ Celsius to 10.8 ˚Celsius throughout the system.

The Moy Fishery recorded 63 salmon caught for the week.  Best flies for the week were Cascades, Silver Stoat and Willie Gunn.

Jack Monaghan, USA, with a grilse caught on the Moy Fishery

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 14 salmon caught, averaging 3-6 lbs, caught on the worm.

Mount Falcon Fishery recorded 2 fish from its waters to the fly.

Coolcronan Fishery had 2 salmon, one on the prawn and one on the worm.

Armstrong’s Fishery had 17 salmon, with two great salmon caught, one for 16 lbs on the worm and one for 15 lbs on the shrimp.

Gannon’s Fishery reported 6 salmon caught, the best weighing just over 10 lbs, caught on the bubble and fly by a Northern Ireland angler.

The Foxford Fishery reported 53 salmon for the week, the best weighing 11.5 lbs, caught by Chris Gallagher from Northern Ireland on a prawn.

Chris Gallagher ,Northern Ireland, with a 11.5 lbs salmon caught on a prawn in the Foxford Fishery

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 47 salmon caught for the week.

Reports suggest that at least 12 salmon were caught in Foxford town water.

Reports from Cloongee Fishery say that 43 salmon were caught, 13 released. Most fish were caught spinning and on the bubble and fly, and averaged 4 lbs.

East Mayo Anglers recorded 85 salmon, with 25 of these released. Alan Logan caught the biggest fish for 12 lbs on the fly.

Two salmon were reported from the River Deel with one released. Reports from Lough Conn say that 6 salmon were caught, all trolling. Windy weather kept a lot of anglers off the lakes.

Stephen Blake, Amsterdam and Dublin with a grilse (released) from the lower stretch of the Deel as it enters Lough Conn caught spinning

Poor fly life and cold temperatures compromise angling on Loughs Conn & Cullin

A trout released by Simon Leonard in Tolans Bay, caught on a brown and gold Rapala

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

A very slow week on the lakes.  Very windy conditions and cold temperatures kept anglers off the lakes. Virtually no fly life noticeable with only a few Mayfly appearing here and there. However, a few anglers ventured out towards the weekend when temperatures and conditions improved.

Peter Roche from Cloghans and Johnny Warren, Crossmolina fished the Errew Shore and bay and only saw one Mayfly for the day. They had three small fish to the boat on a wet Sooty Olive and a Raymond. All fish were released. Peter was fishing again the next day along Inishlea Shore  and Mossops Rock area and down towards Kents Pool.  Overall he had a good few fish to the boat with two of these keepable, all on Raymond and Olive Bumbles. All fish were released.

A party of anglers from Wales reported some good sport for an hour over a day in Cloghans Bay all on dry fly.

A group of four anglers from the UK had 17 trout to the boat over 2 days on various wet Mayfly patterns fishing out of Murphy’s Boat Hire, Massbrook.  All fish were released.

Michael Noone, Lahardane, fishing in Bog Bay had an extremely good day, boating 3 good trout for almost 4 lbs, 3 lbs and 2 lbs all on a wet green Mayfly. He released two of the trout.

Michael Noone, Lahardane, with one of the trout caught in Bog Bay on a wet Green Mayfly

Simon Leonard, Ballina, trolling for salmon near Tolan’s Bay caught and released a trout for near 2 lbs. on a gold and brown Rapala.

Most anglers commented that angling was quite poor and that it was difficult to rise fish on the surface, mostly due to cool temperatures and poor fly life.

Great mix of species, and big predators in West Clare



The West Clare charter boats have taken advantage of any better days lately, and have been enjoying some great fishing.

Luke Aston, skipper of the Clare Dragoon is well used to windy weather, and on windy days has the welcome option of fishing the more sheltered Shannon Estuary. One day this week saw his crew benefit from some great fishing for big thornback rays.

The estuary also provides good tope fishing, and another day targeting these toothy predators provided some lovely fish, as well as bull huss and ray.



Always nice to see an angler catch his first tope, which Luke was happy to put him on.

A first ever tope for this lucky angler

But they also had some nice days this week when they were able to get out off the coast and fish the productive reefs. Plenty of pollack and coalfish were about, and they even had to move to get away from packs of spurdogs! Some nice ling were also caught, and a not-so-common megrim.

A fine ling


Sean Maguire on the Lady Gwen II also managed a few days out, and his guests enjoyed a good mix of species, including spurdog, bull huss, ling and whiting.

Bull huss
Another fine spurdog


Go fishing…

Clare Dragoon

Clare Dragoon is a LOCHIN 366 powered by 650HP engine, skippered by Luke Aston and operating out of Carrigaholt Co. Clare…

I have some offers up on my web site www.fishandstay.com and if anybody is interested in putting a trip together please do get in touch. Also I Twitter from the boat on @fishandstay and try to update my face book page www.facebook.com/CarrigaholtSeaAngling fairly often!To experience some of the best deep sea fishing available in Ireland contact Luke.
Telephone: +353 65 9058209 or +353 87 6367544
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Lady Gwen II

Fishing Adventures on Séan Maguire’s Lady Gwen II, a Lochin 33  M265Ti Perkins charterboat which operates 15 miles from Kilbaha, Carrigaholt, and Kilrush.

Whether you want to go to the Atlantic Ocean for a large selection of species, including different types of shark, or fish the estuary for ray conger tope etc, Fishing Adventures will cater for whatever fishing you desire.
Telephone: +353 (0) 877508758 or +353 (0) 894431182
Email: fishadven@gmail.com Web: www.fishingadventures.ie

Tope, ling & pollack for Ewings Sea Angling & Boat Charters

Fine tope

Sligo Boat Charters report…

Some nice fish about! Evening trips are running, a a nice few mackerel are going and the pollack/cod family are feeding hard, but still a little fussy with the baits as there is so much feed around, which is a good sign.

Proper ling

First shot at tope produced and tagged a nice male after fishing for them for only a few minutes on the way in. Summer has landed!

Go fishing…

Sarah Marie

Sligo Boat Charters are based in Rosses Point, Sligo (10 mins from Sligo town on local bus route).  Services available include deep sea angling, reef fishing, shark fishing (August-October) and eco tourism cruises. Trips can be tailor made to suit anglers and include modest half day, full day and evening trip rates for groups, individuals, and children. Rods and tackle are available for hire on board and skipper can arrange accommodation if contacted in time. Gift vouchers are also available. Sight seeing tours for non anglers.

Address: Rosses Point, Co Sligo.
Telephone: + 353 86 8913618
Email: info@sligoboatcharters.com Web: www.sligoboatcharters.com

Good numbers of decent pollack caught in Donegal Bay

Fine Donegal Bay pollack

Killybegs Fishing Trips & Tuna.ie reported good pollack fishing in Donegal Bay. Despite the cool & blustery conditions there were plenty of pollack about with decent numbers of mackerel showing at times as well.

Another good pollack

Go Fishing…

Deep Blue

Skipper: Adrian Molloy
Base: Killybegs Operational area: Up to a 30 mile radius from the point of departure.

Authorised bluefin tuna boat

Notes:We can also offer you some of the finest Sea Angling in Ireland, inshore and offshore on the best boats and with the best skippers.

Whatever your angling interests from ultra light tackle and fly fishing for big reef pollack to trolling and stand-up tackle for fast fighting Tuna – we aim to please ! Dolphin and whale watching, scenic tours and wildlife trips  available along some of the most spectacular scenery in  Ireland. Shark fishing! Skate fishing! Tuna fishing!  Donegal has it all.

Address: Kilcar, County Donegal, Ireland,
Telephone: +353 (0)85 8567460
Email: adrian@tuna.ie Web: http://tuna.ie/


Fiona Tee

33′ Interceptor. 300HP Caterpillar
Skipper: Michael McGettigan
Licence: 961
Base: Mullaghmore Operational area: Donegal Bay. Within 30 miles of land.

Authorised bluefin tuna boat

Notes: With over 40 years experience in Sea Angling in Donegal Bay, we bring you to the best locations and guarantee the best that angling in Donegal Bay has to offer. The MV Fiona Tee is equipped with all the latest technology ensuring all our fishing charters are monitored and offer real time tracking. We are also fully equipped with the latest in onboard safety equipment.

Address: Moneygold, Grange, Co. Sligo.
Telephone: +353 (0)87 2540190
E-mail: info@killybegsfishingcharters.ie  Web: https://www.killybegsfishingcharters.ie/

Big mullet and plenty species for Killybegs Mariners

Members of Killybegs Mariners enjoyed great a day’s fishing with a total of 14 species inculding a huge mullet new club record of 59cm for Gavin Dorrian. The fish measured 59cm and was probably over the 5lbs. specimen weight but with no certified scales the fish was released back to the harbour (specimen report has fish of 55cm in it making 5lbs.)

New club record thick lipped mullet for Gavin Dorrian
Blue mouth
Corkwing wrasse

Elsewhere, the penultimate Mariners League outing took place on Narin Beach. Nine anglers made the trip and enjoyed the evening out. Fish were scarce with the best flattie a 34cm for Brian who ended in 2nd place so longest flattie prize went to John Cunningham with a 20cm turbot. Second overall was won by Brian Smith and overall winner on the night was Cormac Burke with a counting flounder and a dogfish.

Nice flounder for Brian

The last league outing will take place today Friday June 24th from 19.30pm – 23.30pm on the north side of Rossnowlagh Beach.

Mariners sea angling club Killybegs Co Donegal. The club runs a shore league and boat competitions and angling trips around Ireland doing the sport we love. Get in touch at www.facebook.com/mariner.sac



Blackwater very low but salmon to 9kg caught on lower reaches

Munster Blackwater at Lismore
Munster Blackwater at Lismore

River/Water levels in the main channel Blackwater are now very low and most anglers are hoping for some rain to “shake things up” throughout the system.

There has not been much action this week and the best of what salmon angling is available is still centred around the upper tidal area (Cappoquin/Lismore) and some fishing upstream to Fermoy. While the fishing has not been great, some excellent fish up to 9 kgs have being landed.

No salmon anglers have been encountered on the Bride River for the period, but this is not unusual as it is also very low and there does not seem to be many Grilse about yet. Grilse would normally be the quarry sought after here.

Go Fishing

This large and broad river has a lot of fine salmon fishing spread among many private and club fisheries. They are all easily accessible and most welcome visiting anglers. Spring run improving in recent years. The best grilse fishing is towards the end of the season. For more information see:

Cork Blackwater

Guided fishing, clubs, private fisheries etc

Blackwater Salmon Fishery

Blackwater Salmon Fishery has 3 beats downstream of the weir and 2 upstream of the weir. Blackwater Salmon Fishery offers fishing on approximately 5 miles of the river Blackwater. The fishing is spread throughout the middle section of the river to offer good sport throughout the fishing season. Due to the location of the beats, fishing can still usually be offered in low or high water.
Contact Glenda Powell: Lismore, Co Waterford,
Email: info@blackwatersalmonfishery.com
Mobile: +353 (0) 872351260 Telephone: +353 (0) 5853929
Web: www.blackwatersalmonfishery.com

Fortwilliam Fishery & Self-Catering Cottages

Fortwilliam Fishery offers two miles of double bank salmon and trout fishing over five beats on the river Blackwater.
Our salmon include – Springers, May Salmon, Grilse, Back End Salmon, and in Summer sea trout.
Our beats provide a wide variety of water, suitable for both beginners and the more experienced fishermen.
Fortwilliam Fishery, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland
Web: www.fortwilliamfishing.ie Email: info@fortwilliamfishing.ie
Tel: (00353) 87 8292077 or 058 75299

Blackwater Salmon and Trout Fishery

Blackwater Salmon and Trout Fishery control a number of beats of the Munster Blackwater. The Ballyduff Bridge beat is almost a mile long offering a huge variety of water and is particularly suited to fly fishing. Upstream near the village of Ballyhooley (a few miles outside the town of Fermoy, Cork) we have two beats. The Ballincurrig Beat is one of the most beautiful locations along the river and has an excellent piece of fly water flowing into a deep pool. Just downstream on the opposite bank we have a short but productive beat, called Magners. This beat fishes also well in high water.

Contact  Jason Corcoran:
Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.

Tel: +353 (0)586 0146
Mobile: +353 (0)87 720 5690

Careysville Fishery

Careysville Fishery offers some of the best salmon fly fishing in Ireland and includes 26 named pools. It is considered by many to be one of premier beats for salmon fishing in Ireland. Wading is excellent and among the numerous streams, pools and glides there is a great variety of fly fishing to suit both complete novice and challenge the most competent of fly casters.

Careysville, Clondulane, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland
Email:  fishing@careysville.com Mobile: +353 (0)86 2378788
Web: http://careysville.com/careysville-fishery/

Lismore Castle Fishery

At Lismore Castle & Golf Course Fishery, we offer nearly two miles of two inter-linked beats, the Castle Beat & the Golf Course Beat.

The legendary Castle Beat consistently ranks as one of the top Salmon beats on the River Blackwater, for the number of Atlantic Salmon caught per rod. The Golf Course Beat offers about 1.5 miles of fishable water through meandering majestic countryside. The Golf Course beat offers a number of bewildering pools suitable for unmatched spinning and bait fishing.

For bookings contact Joe Willoughby on Mobile no. 00353 87 8295449 or Email: info@lismorecastlefishery.com

Website: www.lismorecastlefishery.com

Blackwater Salmon Anglers, Mallow

We provide Day Tickets for some prime Salmon fishing in Mallow Co. Cork. We have excellent fly water, shrimping worming and spinning also. We also have very competitive Day rates and we have very recently upgraded our fishing.

Tickets available from “The Bridge House” and “Vincent Downes Menswear” Mallow.

Facebook: Blackwater Salmon Anglers

Upper Bridgetown Salmon Fishery

Located on the Munster Blackwater in the south of Ireland. Situated mid river between the towns of Fermoy and Mallow. A productive left bank beat in stunning surroundings.

For bookings contact Conor Arnold: +353 87 755 4682

Facebook: Upper Bridgetown Salmon Fishery

Loungueville House Salmon Fishery

For details on availability and conditions of fishing for salmon and trout on the Longueville House waters please contact them at
Contact : Longueville House Hotel, William O’Callaghan
Address : Mallow, Co. Cork.
Telephone : 00 353 22 47156
Email: info@longuevillehouse.ie

Not much water but a few salmon from West Cork rivers

Ilen River at Skibereen
Ilen River at Skibereen

Ilen river – 16 salmon, best 8lbs by a syndicate angler on worm.

Glengarriff river 2 Salmon, best 6lbs on a lure by a local angler.

Go fishing…

River Glengarriff

River Ilen