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Ephemeral ecstasy for Lough Sheelin anglers

Lough Sheelin angling report May 20th – May 28th 2023

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

Marianne Williamson

Paul McMenamin with his 8lb lump of Sheelin gold

It was all swings and roundabouts on Lough Sheelin over the past week – peaks and troughs with a large dollop of unpredictability thrown in.  A Northwest wind dominated on most days bring with it an unwelcome cold which kept jumpers on, the trout down and sometimes stunted the spent going out on the water.  Water temperatures hung around the 16-degree mark with daytime heat soaring to a Mediterranean plus 20 on Saturday.  So far, there has been a piece missing out of our fishing season here.  We have gone from excellent buzzer fishing, brilliant nymphing and straight into ‘ hit and miss’ spent angling. There has been a very noticeable absence of fishing the wet and dry mayfly patterns with only a few takes on the dry Mayfly.

Melyvn Woods with his nymph fish May 20th
Mayfly magnets

There has certainly been no shortage of mayfly on this lake as we witnessed what seemed like millions of these elegant little insects performing their magical mating dance high above the bushes of Church Island and other tree lined places along the shoreline.  Clouds of males and females performing their courtship dance over the water, rising and falling gracefully through the air, a rare environmental spectacle which we were privileged to witness, something akin to an extract from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ but of huge significance as these insects provide a very visual declaration that there is a healthy ecosystem going on here for their requirements are non-negotiable – clean, clear water, without which they would not be here.

Hanging around – Lough Sheelin mayflies
Holding piscatorial perfection

Nymph fishing accounted for substantial catches during the day but I find it a little baffling that although the nymphs are working very well here, bring in good heavy trout, most anglers are reluctant to go over to what they perceive as ‘the dark side’ and engage in this type of angling.

Wet and dry flies get the bulk of attention and praise from the fly fishers, but the reality is that the trout spend most of their time eating nymphs under the water.  Nymphs are found in the lake at all times of the year and all hours of the day.  And trout spend the majority of their time eating them.  You do not need to time your approach or wait for the perfect hatch to start, instead tie one or more artificial flies in colour and size to match the real insects present in the water (which, for now, are mayfly nymphs) and start fishing. Regardless of what is actually working well now, many anglers still refuse to be converted to nymphing, citing boredom as being the main reason – ‘I would rather lick the entire N52 from top to bottom or watch a dry fly for ten hours’ than fish with nymphs.  It seems as if it is something to be ashamed of, perhaps their reasoning will become clear to me at some stage.

Mayfly nymph patterns that worked well were in brown colours with glittery red twisted through the body.

Flying the flag – Hubert Smith’s Sheelin gold

Daytime fishing was busy but it was the ‘out of office’ hours that attracted the highest numbers to this lake.  When the weather behaved itself there were large falls of spent but with such a volume of food on the surface this in itself made things difficult for the angler because it had to be an extra special fly with an extra special presentation to spark a take from our piscatorial friends when the spread of naturals was huge.

Darren Harten with his 6lbs 11oz spent gnat fish

Tuesday was the pick of the days and evenings with good numbers of fish being taken on the spent – predominantly the grey Wulff and CDC spent patterns. The Wulffs have always worked well on Sheelin with Green, Yellow and Grey all bring in good catches.

Sheelin’s goddess – Ephemera dancia

There were a few fish caught late at night on the Murrough at Lynch’s point.  Buzzer fishing has declined but nonetheless there were a few fish caught on dry buzzer patterns in Finea, Boy Bay and Goreport.

The Real and the Unreal

Flies that worked best were the Bits-type patterns in claret, fiery brown, black, ginger, orange, hare’s ear, olive and grey, the Klinkhammer, Mick Kelly’s Daoine Dubh ,  a Griffiths Gnat, Grey Duster, Nymphs – Pheasant Tail, Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ear and Olive in sizes 12 and 14, Mini Muddler as a top dropper, Epoxy Buzzer, Shipmans Buzzer (the scruffier the better), Flashback Buzzers,  Black & Peacock Spiders (good snail imitation), CDC Emergers, Greenwell’s Glory, Wickhams Fancy, Bibios and Dabblers (Claret, Olive and Green), French Partridge Mayfly, Golden Olive Bumble, Spent Gnat and Buzzer patterns, sizes 8-12.

The best areas for fishing (wind dependant) were the back of Church Island, Corru, Derrysheridan, Bog Bay,  Inchacup, Stoney Island, Chambers, Lynch’s pt and Plunketts point.

This is lake is busy at the moment and every angler is very welcome to fish this incredible stretch of water.  We are now three months into the fishing season and at this stage every angler should know the laws on this lake, in particular, no angler can fish this lake without a permit and any angler who does so will be issued with a fine of €150 under Bye-law 178.

On Saturday last, IFI carried out a patrol on Lough Sheelin, checking seventy-eight anglers of which  95% alarmingly were not wearing life jackets.

The word life is self explanatory.

On a lighter note, my two favourite boat names this week were ‘I tell lies’ and ‘Happy as Larry’ both needing no explanation about their occupants.

Darren Duffy’s 31″ trout

There is still another week or two left on the mayfly after which the sedge fishing will push in to take top position.  There is a lot happening and any fish that have been caught have been magnificent with the top weight of 13lbs released.  This is a lake where dreams happen.

Richard Hunter’s 6lb trout


Little green bubble sedge by Evo Smyth
Damhnaic Mac Ciaragain
Sheelin’s Click Beetle
Mercurial magic
Holding gold
Dancing at Derry Point
Kenneth Rawley’s Wulff
New beginnings – Mallard ducklings
Balancing act – Jimmy Brogan with his 6lb trout
Homeward bound
In pensive mood
Debbie Meadows, Mayo with her canine fish watcher

Lough Sheelin Guiding Services (www.loughsheelinguidingservices.com) 087 1245927

 Christopher Defillon 

[email protected] (+33685964369) evasionpecheirlande.net


Michael Farrell @ 087 4194156Telephone: +353 43 6681298 Email: [email protected]

Grey Duster Guiding
Kenneth O’Keeffe
086 8984172 Email: [email protected]

John Mulvany  [email protected] 086 2490076


Resting up

Please remember anglers to abide by BYE-LAW 949 which strictly prohibits from June 14th, 2017 onwards:

  • The taking of any brown trout of less than 36 centimeters.
  • For a person to fish with more than 2 rods at any one time.
  • To fish with more than 4 rods at any one time when there is more than one person on board the boat concerned.
  • For a person to take more than 2 trout per day.
  • All trolling on the lake from March 1st to June 16th (inclusive).
  • To fish or to attempt to take or to fish for, fish of any kind other than during the period from March 1st to October 12th in any year.
Stephen Powell May 20th evening
Sheelin’s Alderfly

Total catches recorded for the week: 98

Heaviest fish: 13lb trout caught by Darren Duffy, Cork on a Mayfly Nymph

Selection of catches

Denis Goulding, Meath – 1 trout at 9.5lbs caught on a red tailed Nymph pattern.

Richard Hunter – 2 trout at 6lbs and 4.5lbs on Mayfly patterns

John Kiernan – 1 trout at 4.5lbs on Dry Mayfly.

Jimmy Brogan – 1 trout at 6lbs

Darren Harten, Kilnaleck – 1 trout at 6.11lbs on a Spent pattern, May 21st

Mark Mayers – 1 trout at 3lbs on a Green Wulff

Kevin Curran – 1 trout at 7lbs, May 21st using a 2 Nymph set up.

Shane Gainley, Mayo – 2 trout at 4 and 5lbs on Nymphs.

Martin Kearney, Dublin – 1 trout at 3lbs on a Spent pattern.

Martin McDaid – 1 trout at 5lbs, May 21st using Mayfly Nymphs.

Rory McCabe, Wicklow – 1 trout at 5lbs on a Peter Ross Dabbler.

Joe McArdle, Monaghan – 1 trout at 7lbs on a Spent Gnat pattern.

Warren Hogan – 4 trout, all on Spent Gnat patterns, heaviest at 6lbs.

Darren Duffy – 1 trout at 31″ on the Spent, May 22nd.

Thomas Harten – 1 trout at 3lbs on a Spent Gnat pattern, May 22nd.

Ken Furlong – May 21st, 1 trout at over 7lbs using Spents.

Chris Oliver – 2 trout, heaviest at 6lbs.

Brian Jameson – 1 trout at just under 7lbs on the Spent.

Kevin Callan – 1 trout at 3lbs on Spent patterns, May 23rd

Frank Kelly, Cavan – 1 trout at 5lbs on a Grey Wulff, May 23rd


Irish Angling Update 🎣 26 May 2023

It’s been another dry and bright week and northerly winds have kept temperatures more like early spring mainly affecting mayfly fishing at times.


So it is no big surprise that we received mixed reports from the various mayfly venues around the country. While there were days with very little action and almost no spent on the water, some anglers reported great mayfly fishing on dries as well as on wets. This was the case on Lough Arrow where both methods produced some cracking fish to local and visiting anglers alike, while on Loughs Conn & Cullin fishing was rather difficult.

Beautiful Arrow trout for Ewan MacGregor from Scotland

Staying in the west, the mayfly has been providing good sport on Corrib for the last 3 weeks, although weather conditions have affected hatches and fishing at times. Well-known fishing guide and podcast host Tom Doc Sullivan recently filmed a video on wetfly fishing which is well worth watching. Trolling, however, has also delivered brilliant results on Corrib, mainly for big ferox. Another interesting video has been released by prolific YouTuber Senan Stanley featuring spent gnat mayfly fishing on Lough Derg.

Fine Corrib brown caught on the troll

River trout fishing is also in full swing during the month of May. Low water levels, however, tested trout anglers’ skills on the Maigue in Co. Limerick as angling guide Paddy Dunworth of Celtic Angling reported. Dan O’Neill, fishery Manager at Mount Juliet, told us about good trout on dry fly from the Nore, while Dan O’Neill angling guide and casting instructor at South East Casting took his 3 year old son on a fantastic journey along the river exploring the wonders of the aquatic environment. Elsewhere, the TAFI Leinster River Championships were fished on the Avonmore River in Co. Wicklow delivering some excellent results.

Nice water on the Maigue

Low water levels didn’t just impact on river trout fishing, they didn’t help salmon anglers either. Some spate rivers, mainly in the west of the country, have reached critical late summer levels already. The River Moy, however, saw an increase in catch numbers with the Moy Fishery starting to come into swing. Anglers who are interested in the Moy shouldn’t miss this week’s Ireland on the Fly podcast. Daire and Tom talk to Garret Ruigrok to find out how the Moy has fished this year and what’s in store for the rest of the season.

Rob Malcolm about to release a salmon  on the Ridge Pool in Ballina

Staying in Mayo, the dry and sunny weather kept catch numbers down on Carrowmore Lake which is awaiting its sea trout run. In Kerry, the situation is not much different on Lough Currane where salmon and sea trout anglers had a rather quiet week. Despite near perfect conditions it has also been another quiet week on the Munster Blackwater and most other rivers in Co. Cork such as the Ilen or the Bandon.

Over to pike fishing, where we received only two reports this week. In the Midlands, a group of French anglers staying at Melview Fishing Lodge braved the difficult conditions and landed almost 200 pike between them.

One of Melview’s guests with a 1m plus pike

Tulla and District Angling Club had good fishing on Cullaun in Co. Clare with over 30 pike up to 119cm. The same club fished the Ryan Wright Memorial coarse competition at Ballinakill over the weekend which was won by  Ian Kelsey. Staying with coarse angling, Saturday 20th May saw the start of the May ‘any method’ festivals on Inniscarra. It kicked off with the one-day Hogan’s Open, followed by two three day festivals, O’Callaghan’s Cup 21st-23rd May and Ottewill Trophy, 24th-26th May.

Coarse angling on Inniscarra

While the current weather conditions may impact on game, pike and coarse angling, they definitely provide great sea angling. This is also reflected in this week’s angling update with many excellent sea angling reports received from around the coast.

Starting in the southeast, the Brecon Sea Angling club from Wales visited Kilmore Quay for a two day fishing trip catching a total of 10 different species. Further west, two first-time bass were caught in Cork Harbour with the help of saltwater flyfishing guide Richie Ryan. Bass on fly and lure up to 80cm were also the target for clients of John Quinlan in Waterville.

Fantastic Kerry bass

Skipper Luke Aston reported good mixed fishing on the west Clare reefs this week with plenty of species showing, while a little further north in Galway Bay John Fleming enjoyed more good fishing, including big pollack, ballan wrasse and a few nice cod smashing soft plastics and slow jigs. Also in Glaway Bay, Angling guide Tomi Kurman who is no stranger to specimen trout, with many trout of specimen size boated by himself and clients on Lough Corrib, proved that he can turn his hand to specimen wrasse fishing too.

Specimen wrasse from Galway Bay

There was good sea angling in Donegal Bay with anglers on the Fiona Tee enjoying some great fishing having nice catches of cod, pollack and fine wrasse. A number of competitions were also fished along the northwest coast. Killybegs Mariners SAC and Howth SAC fished  a successful inter-club competition on the famous Streedagh Beach in Co. Sligo, while Ulster won the inter-provincial at Mullaghmore and John Dennehy scooping first prize at the “Findlater” competition.

Our Catch of the Week, however, goes to 17 year old Jack Jennings who hit the jackpot in West Cork last week. Jack who was fishing with his dad Garry had already a fantastic morning’s fishing including plenty mackerel, over 20 bullhuss up to 15 lbs, large double-figure pollack, ling and conger to mention but a few of the species caught, when he hooked and landed a skate weighing approx. 150 lbs. This surely can be called an outstanding day’s fishing and deserves our Catch of the Week.

Jack’s first skate, what a catch!

Other news

IFI announces 24 new projects supported under the Salmon and Sea Trout Rehabilitation, Conservation and Protection Fund in 2023. Inland Fisheries Ireland has announced the 24 projects awarded a total of €999,272. A list of the 24 successful applicants can be found hereHabitats & Conservation Funding Call 2023 | Inland Fisheries Ireland

Inland Fisheries Ireland has appealed to farmers to help protect Ireland’s rivers and lakes from agricultural pollution during the silage season. IFI is advising farmers to follow its six-point SILAGE plan for optimum silage and slurry spreading etiquette to reduce the risk of polluting rivers and lakes. Farmers are asked to contact their local IFI office before carrying out works in or near any watercourses.

IFI secured prosecution and fines of €5,500 against a farmer for riverbed destruction in Co Laois. A Co Laois farmer has been found guilty of two breaches of fisheries legislation for deliberate destruction caused at a local river. IFI encourages members of the public, anglers and farmers to report incidents such as this, and those of water pollution, fish kills, and illegal fishing to its confidential 24/7 phone number, 0818 34 74 24.

And now the weather…

The weekend will stay mainly dry with sunny spells, the best of which will be in the southern half of the country. Highest temperatures will range between 18 to 21 degrees in light northerly or variable breezes. Next week will start with good sunny spells with just a little cloud building during the day. Highs between 17 to 20 or 21 degrees. The further outlook is for little change, mostly dry with an easterly airflow. Coolest in the east with highs in the mid to high teens. Warmest in the west, with temperatures around 20 degrees or higher.

Safe fishing to all and tight lines, especially here in Ireland.

IFI Staff
Catch, Photo, Release

If you have an angling story to share with the Irish Angling Update please send it to [email protected].

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Other News

Two first-time bass from Cork Harbour!

Saltwater flyfishing guide Richie Ryan reports from Cork Harbour…

Barry Boles from Tipperary decided to book another fly fishing trip with Eire Bass guide Richie Ryan and landed and released his first ever bass, a decent size too. His dad Willie had a few bass also, another first for him. “ I had to wait until I was 74 to catch my first Bass “ he chimed !

Some fine big pollack on the fly were also landed during the session. Things are kicking off nicely in Cork Harbour Richie enthused. He reported plenty of small bass about which is a great sign and a prospect of a healthy resource. Nice settled spell if anyone is interested in a booking …

Make a booking

If you want to book Richie then go to  www.corkbass.com

Eire Bass – Richie Ryan

Saltwater fly fishing Guide.

Web: www.corkbass.com E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +353 (0)86 1940744


Seven salmon reported from Carrowmore

Seamus Henry, Fishery Manager, Bangor Erris Angling Club reports…

The dry and sunny conditions impacted on the angling on Carrowmore Lake. However, despite the poor angling conditions 7 salmon were reported  for the week with  5 released. The lucky anglers were l.Righton, D.Costello, N.Duggan and J. Cosgrove.

John Cosgrove’s 6lbs. fish which took a Malpass Muddler

However, anglers  are looking forward to the coming weeks as the sea trout should be arriving any day soon.

Please note that Carrowmore Lake is a brown tag fishery. For inquiries check www.bangorerrisangling.com


Rather difficult fishing on Loughs Conn & Cullin

Steve Schreck reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

ANGLING REPORT week ending 21/05/2023  

Fishing on the lakes was rather difficult last week, with very little fly life being recorded and mainly small trout below the size limit being interested.

Peter Roche wet a line on Tuesday, fishing Castlehill, Gallaghers, Victoria’s and Brackwansha. He fished a dry Barbie mayfly but could only tempt smallish trout.

An Garda Síochána held their yearly “Coiste Siamsa” event on Wednesday and Thursday.  Michael Bradley from Galway won the Michael Benson Cup for the heaviest fish with a trout weighing 1lb 12.8 ounces.

Results for the individual sections were as follows:

  1. Andrew Kelly with a combined weight of 3 lbs 7 ounces
  2. Declan Conlon with a combined weight of 2 lbs 14.8 ounces
  3. Mick Bradley with a combined weight of 1lb 12.8 ounces

Thursday saw Foxford Angling Club’s evening Catch & Release competition take place. Martin Kenny won the competition and accepted the Foxford Lodge Cup.  Michael Tiernan came in second.

On Saturday Foxford Angling Club were facing Westport Anglers in another competition. The 20 team challenge anglers returned to shore having boated 5 fish over the 13-inch limit.  The best angler was Billy McGhee with 3 fish, one of them weighing 2 lbs. Second place went to Owen McGreal with 2 fish. Foxford captain Dominic Mc Gowan accepted the John Gallagher Cup.

Catch numbers on the Moy continue to increase

Rob Malcolm about to release a salmon weighing approximately 4 lbs on the Ridge Pool

Steve Schreck reports from the River Moy…

ANGLING REPORT  Week ending 21/05/2023

Despite low water conditions and sunny days for most of last week, catch numbers on the Moy system continue to increase. In total, 77 salmon were reported caught. Again, a good number of double-figure fish were recorded, alongside a few early grilse. Water levels at Ballylahan Bridge were around 0.5m on Monday, dropping quickly to low water levels of about 0.25m during the week.

The Moy Fishery benefited from the conditions and started to come into swing, with 10 salmon caught of which 2 were released.  All fish were caught on the Ridge Pool.

Paul Kelly with a very deep fish of 9.25 lbs on the Ridge Pool

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 2 salmon caught both weighing around 11lbs caught on the worm.

Knockmore Salmon Anglers reported 2 salmon caught, 11lbs on a prawn and 4lbs on a spinner.

Armstrong Fishery recorded 6 salmon for the week, caught on shrimp and worm. (9lbs, 8lbs, 7lbs, 7lbs, 7lbs and 4lbs)

Gannon’s Fishery reported 6 fish, with the best one weighing in at 12 lbs, mostly caught on the shrimp.

The Foxford Fishery recorded 9 fish, one of them being a stunning 14 lbs springer.

Joe Gleeson with a stunning 14 lbs springer from the Foxford Fishery

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 16 fish caught for the week.

Reports of eight salmon caught were received for the Foxford town area.

Cloongee Fishery recorded 4 salmon caught on the fly (11.5lbs, 9.5lbs, 8lbs and 7lbs).

East Mayo Anglers recorded 11 salmon for the week (5 released). Eight fish on the fly, 1 on the spinner and 2 on the worm. The best fish weighed in at 10.5 lbs.

Spent and wets working well on Arrow

Beautiful Arrow trout for Ewan MacGregor fro Scotland

Lough Arrow Anglers report good mayfly fishing on Lough Arrow…

It has been mostly about spent for the past week. The wets seem to be working again, but it was the green dries and spent that caught most of the trout. With ideal spent fishing conditions both during the day and evening, there was an excellent chance of catching a few fish. Saying that, a lot of anglers remarked that they were getting plenty of takes and rises but finding it difficult to hook the trout.

Lovely bronze Lough Arrow trout

Fishing out of Dodd’s Boats, Kildare angler Declan Conlon and his mate Paul Molloy had a number of nice fish. Richard Melrose and Kevin Coyle out for 3 days reported good fishing on wets and caught well into double figures.

Declan Conlon with a nice Arrow brownie

Fishing out of John Hargadon’s Annacloy Boat Hire, James Nolan from Carlow had 6 fish one day, heaviest about 3lb. Northern Ireland anglers Fergus Auld, Norman Nichol, Sam McGowan and Edward Millican had 21 fish over 2 days, with the biggest 6lb caught by Norman Nichol. Most of these were caught on dries and spent. David O’Brien, Cork had 3 fish. Kieran O’Donnell, Derry had 1 fish. David Flynn, Sligo and friend had 7 to the boat on spent, all returned.

Drumshanbo fishing buddies having a rest on Flynn’s pier after a good day out on the lake

Aidan Walsh and Ray Burns, guests of Arrow View Farmhouse had 2 fish on Saturday.

Ken Murray, Drogheda and Philip Brown, Derry, fishing out of Lough Arrow Caravan Park, had a very successful week, releasing most of their catch.

With the lake still fishing well we hope to have good spent fishing up until the weekend at least. This has probably been one of the best mayfly hatches in recent years. As well as that, the favourable weather allowed the spent on to the lake each day, which should promise good hatches for the future.

Elsewhere, regular visitor to Lough Arrow, Ewan MacGregor from Scotland, also enjoyed great fishing while guided by Jackie Mahon. Jackie reports that Lough Arrow has been fishing very well to spent over the last week, with an average rod average of 5 fish per day, including a fantastic trout of 7.10lb for Ewan, which was one of his 4 fish for the day. Ewan’s trout took one of Jackie’s  signature spent collection patterns.

Ewan MacGregor with his fine 7.10 lbs brown

Sligo Anglers hold Catch, Photo, Release trout competition on Lough Gill

Sligo Anglers Association held their “Annual Festival Cup Trout Fly Fishing Competition” on Sunday 21 May on Lough Gill. This year, the event was run as a Catch/Photo/Release competition for the first time and it was a great success.

Longest trout of the competition

Despite hard fishing conditions, calm in the morning and only a cool breeze in the afternoon, 11 trout were measured (min size 28cm) and a good number of smaller fish were caught for 27 anglers.

1st- Charlie and Paul McLoughlin
2nd- Ricky Fabozzi and Declan O Donnell
3rd- Keith Trotter and George Conway
Longest Fish- Tony McLoughlin

A huge thanks to club member Ken Quin who kindly sponsored the measuring mats. Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to all who participated!

Please fish in a sustainable manner


Salmon reported from Fort William and Carrigane on the Blackwater

Munster Blackwater at Lismore
Munster Blackwater at Lismore

It’s been another quiet week on the Munster Blackwater. Conditions are near perfect with the water gin clear.

Carrigane Fishery finally got its season off to a good, if a little late, start on the 20th of May. One lucky anglers had two salmon, estimated to weigh 10lbs and 11lbs respectively. Both were released.

Pete David with his salmon at Fortwilliam on the Blackwater

Fishing on the 24th of May, Pete Davis had a nice fish of 7 or 8lbs on a Willie Gun at Fortwilliam. Conditions were described as absolutely perfect and gin clear with .10m on the gauge.

Go fishing…

This large and broad river has a lot of fine salmon fishing spread among many private and club fisheries. They are all easily accessible and most welcome visiting anglers. Spring run improving in recent years. The best grilse fishing is towards the end of the season. For more information see:

Guided fishing, clubs, private fisheries etc

Carrigane Fishery

A pleasant low cost Day Ticket, Salmon & Trout Fishery on the North bank of the Munster Blackwater, at Mollcop, Ballyduff.

Tel: +353 86 228 2208
Web: https://www.facebook.com/carrifish/

Blackwater Salmon and Trout Fishery

Blackwater Salmon and Trout Fishery control a number of beats of the Munster Blackwater. The Ballyduff Bridge beat is almost a mile long offering a huge variety of water and is particularly suited to fly fishing. Upstream near the village of Ballyhooley (a few miles outside the town of Fermoy, Cork) we have two beats. The Ballincurrig Beat is one of the most beautiful locations along the river and has an excellent piece of fly water flowing into a deep pool. Just downstream on the opposite bank we have a short but productive beat, called Magners. This beat fishes also well in high water.

Contact  Jason Corcoran:
Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.

Tel: +353 (0)586 0146
Mobile: +353 (0)87 720 5690

Blackwater Salmon Fishery

Blackwater Salmon Fishery has 3 beats downstream of the weir and 2 upstream of the weir. Blackwater Salmon Fishery offers fishing on approximately 5 miles of the river Blackwater. The fishing is spread throughout the middle section of the river to offer good sport throughout the fishing season. Due to the location of the beats, fishing can still usually be offered in low or high water.
Contact Glenda Powell: Lismore, Co Waterford,
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +353 (0) 872351260 Telephone: +353 (0) 5853929
Web: www.blackwatersalmonfishery.com

Fortwilliam Fishery & Self-Catering Cottages

Fortwilliam Fishery offers two miles of double bank salmon and trout fishing over five beats on the river Blackwater.
Our salmon include – Springers, May Salmon, Grilse, Back End Salmon, and in Summer sea trout.
Our beats provide a wide variety of water, suitable for both beginners and the more experienced fishermen.
Fortwilliam Fishery, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland
Web: www.fortwilliamfishing.ie Email: [email protected]
Tel: (00353) 87 8292077 or 058 75299

Careysville Fishery

Careysville Fishery offers some of the best salmon fly fishing in Ireland and includes 26 named pools. It is considered by many to be one of premier beats for salmon fishing in Ireland. Wading is excellent and among the numerous streams, pools and glides there is a great variety of fly fishing to suit both complete novice and challenge the most competent of fly casters.

Careysville, Clondulane, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland
Email:  [email protected] Mobile: +353 (0)86 2378788
Web: http://careysville.com/careysville-fishery/

Lismore Castle Fishery

At Lismore Castle & Golf Course Fishery, we offer nearly two miles of two inter-linked beats, the Castle Beat & the Golf Course Beat.

The legendary Castle Beat consistently ranks as one of the top Salmon beats on the River Blackwater, for the number of Atlantic Salmon caught per rod. The Golf Course Beat offers about 1.5 miles of fishable water through meandering majestic countryside. The Golf Course beat offers a number of bewildering pools suitable for unmatched spinning and bait fishing.

For bookings contact Joe Willoughby on Mobile no. 00353 87 8295449 or Email: [email protected]

Website: www.lismorecastlefishery.com

Blackwater Salmon Anglers, Mallow

We provide Day Tickets for some prime Salmon fishing in Mallow Co. Cork. We have excellent fly water, shrimping worming and spinning also. We also have very competitive Day rates and we have very recently upgraded our fishing.

Tickets available from “The Bridge House” and “Vincent Downes Menswear” Mallow.

Facebook: Blackwater Salmon Anglers

Upper Bridgetown Salmon Fishery

Located on the Munster Blackwater in the south of Ireland. Situated mid river between the towns of Fermoy and Mallow. A productive left bank beat in stunning surroundings.

For bookings contact Conor Arnold: +353 87 755 4682

Facebook: Upper Bridgetown Salmon Fishery

Loungueville House Salmon Fishery

For details on availability and conditions of fishing for salmon and trout on the Longueville House waters please contact them at
Contact : Longueville House Hotel, William O’Callaghan
Address : Mallow, Co. Cork.
Telephone : 00 353 22 47156
Email: [email protected]

Ilen see 10 salmon caught, other West Cork rivers quiet

There were a few salmon reported to our offices for the week ended Sunday, 21 May. All but one were from the Ilen.

Ilen river – 9 Salmon, best 10lbs by a syndicate angler on spinner.

Ouvane river – 1 Salmon by a local angler on spinner.

Go fishing…