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    The Moy Fishery


    This is, probably the most productive Salmon fishery in western Europe, where in the past catches of over 5,000 Salmon have been recorded in a single season. Its entire length, of just over 2½ km is located within the Ballina town boundaries. Purchased by the state in 1987 the Moy Fishery is now under the management of the North West. As part of the Moy development plan, the former North Western Regional Fisheries Board completed a Euro 3 million development programme on the Moy. Much of this development work was centered on the Moy Fishery and a considerable number of new angling spaces have been created as a result. Since completion of these development works, the Moy Fishery is divided into 5 separate beats and all but one of these must be booked in advance.

    Ridge Pool Webcam

    All waters within the Moy Fishery are affected to some extent, by the tide and, depending on height and location of beat, may be unfishable for up to 2 hours on each side of a high tide. To avoid disappointment and wasted fishing effort, anglers should inquire locally about tide times prior to angling.

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    The Moy Fishery Beats

    The Ridge Pool & Weir Pool

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    The most famous Moy Fishery beat is, undoubtedly, the Ridge Pool, situated at the head of the tidal waters it is extremely productive and attracts considerable interest from the angling fraternity. During peak season it is fished on a two session per day basis with the first session from sunrise to 2 pm, and the second from 2 pm to sunset. Five rods per session are allowed and these must rotate and move constantly along the beat. In addition to the five rotating rods an extra space has been added to the ridge pool since the suspension of the Salmon traps in 1999. This additional space, “the weir pool”, is fished separately from the rest of the Ridge Pool and can only be booked two days in advance. It operates on the same 2 session basis as the rest of the Ridge Pool.

    The Cathedral Beat

    The Cathedral beat, immediately downstream of the Ridge Pool has also become a prolific Salmon rod fishery since development works were carried out in 1996. It can accommodate 8 anglers per session, provides excellent fly water and has produced over 1,500 Salmon in its best season. This beat is also in great demand and booked anglers may commence fishing at sunrise and continue until 6 pm, after which time the angling is reserved for local anglers. A ghillie, appointed by the Moy Fishery, is in attendance on this beat to register and advise all booked anglers.

    Lower Beat

    The Lower Beat comprises Polnamonagh, Spring Wells and Ash Tree Pool

    Known as “Polnamonagh” (the monk’s pool) and “Spring Wells”, these beats are located about 200 m downstream of the Lower Bridge in Ballina. Both beats can be very productive. Polnamonagh is deep and slow, making it more suitable for spinning and worming, while Springwells is comprised mostly of shallower water, ideal for fly-fishing. Although less heavily fished than the Ridge or Cathedral, these beats do require advanced booking but may appeal more to the angler who prefers to do his fishing away from public view.

    The Ash Tree Pool is a lovely, tree lined, beat located alongside the town park. It is a haven for the angler who wishes to fish in peaceful surroundings and can be fished with fly, spinner or worm, depending on conditions. A boat can be provided on this beat which can accommodate two rods and a further two rods may fish from the bank. Given its proximity to the estuary this beat is substantially affected by the tide, so anglers are advised to arrange fishing times with the ghillie prior to their allocated angling day.

    The Point

    Located at the mouth of the Brusna (or Bunree) river, The Point is a public beat, where no restriction is placed on the number of anglers. It is nonetheless a prolific Salmon and Seatrout fishery, which is popular with locals and visitors alike. Tickets are available on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis and can be purchased from local tackle dealers or from fishery staff on duty. Anglers must be in possession of a valid permit before they commence angling.

    The Freshwater Beat

    This beat comprises 300m of single bank fishing and has recently been developed to improve angling and access. It is already a great favorite with some regulars and has produced good bags of both Salmon and sea trout immediately subsequent to development works. This beat also provides access for disabled anglers.

    Booking & Contact Information

    The Moy Fishery Office,
    Inland Fisheries Ireland,
    Ardnaree House,
    Abbey St., Ballina,
    Co. Mayo,
    Rep. of Ireland.
    Tel: +353 (0)96 21332 Fax: +353 (0)96 78850
    [email protected]

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