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    Lough Acalla
    Lough Acalla

    Lough Acalla is a rich limestone lake of some 30 acres 2 miles north of Kilconnell, Co Galway. It is stocked with Rainbow Trout and some Browns.

    The fishery is famous for fast growing fish which regularly can produce well formed trout up to 7lbs.

    Dry Fly, nymph and artificial fly lures work well.

    Most of the banks on the lake are clear and wading is possible. In the summer the water here tends to be very weedy.

    There is an 11 inch minimum size limit and a 3 trout bag limit. Artificial fly is the only bait permitted.

    Car parking facilities are available along the shoreline.

    Fishery rules

    • Midland Fishery Group permit required
    • SEASON: May 1st – October 31st.
    • SPECIES: Brown & Rainbow Trout.
    • SIZE LIMIT: 11 inches.
    • DAILY BAG LIMIT: 3 trout
    • ANGLING METHODS PERMITTED: Trout Fishing only, Artificial Fly only.

    Directions: Proceed from Kilconnell, turn right just before brodericks pub. Continue on the L17423 for 3km and then turn left.

    Link to Lough Acalla via Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/H7TyXuhnhF96cDZ69