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    Camcor River, Birr, Co Offaly


    OPEN SEASON: March 1st to September 30th

    The Camcor River rises on the western slopes of the Slieve Bloom mountains and is the primary tributary of the Little Brosna River where it joins at the Castle Demesne in Birr town a distance of about 12 miles.

    This is a spate river. It has an interesting character, meanders quite a bit immediately upstream of Birr and then alternates between long flats with occasional broken rifled areas, glides and pools. With a rolling gravel bed it is an important spawning river for salmonid species (salmon and trout). Resident local trout of up to 0.75lbs are present but are generally smaller in size at about 6 – 10ozs. The river receives migratory runs of Lough Derg trout, locally known as ‘Croneen’ on route to spawn. Scientific investigation has found that the Croneen trout are a unique species of Brown Trout to the Birr area.

    The first summer floods see croneen entering the river upstream of Birr where angling is best. Good angling stretches are located from the Maltings in Birr upstream through Sandymount,, Syngefield as far as Killyon. Palmers Flats is one of the best stretches on the river and extends from Syngfield (Green) Bridge’ to Clonbrone (Red) Bridge. This stretch has lots of open water and holds very good stocks of fish, particularly during the summer months. With drainage undertaken on the river many years ago, the steep banks upstream of Clonbrone ( Red ) Bridge can be difficult to negotiate – hence most fishing is confined downstream of here.

    ‘Croneen’ average from 1lb to 1.5lbs with fish of 2 – 4lbs and over are possible. Wet fly fishing is very effective on a clearing flood and thereafter at night time when fish tend to shoal back into the pools exhibiting similar habits to sea trout of which they closely resemble. Lure flies such as a Bloody Butcher 8,10’s Peter Ross 8,10’s, Silver Invicta 8,10’s and Black Pennell 8,10’s are effective. During a flood typically Size 8 is best and is also fished after dark. A good pattern on a dropping flood is a Thunder & Lightning. Lure flies tied in tandem style are also fished in high water. During a dry spell and low water conditions a size 10 or 12 fly is best. A 9.5 foot fly rod loaded with a medium sink tip fly line is used. Generally the best time of year is July to September depending on weather conditions and runs of fish.

    Angling Regulations


    9 inches


    6 trout per day


    The Camcor River is a Wild Trout Conservation Area. To conserve fish stocks, artificial fly only applies on the river from the source to Elmgrove Bridge in Birr town at Newbridge Street.

    All legal methods i.e. worm, spinning, artificial fly only is permitted downstream of Elmgrove Bridge to the Maltings (Fishing is not permitted at any time in Birr Castle Demesne).

    Flies should only be fished from conventional fly fishing rods in designated fly only areas and not spinning gear using bubbles or floats. In the interest of conservation anglers are requested to practice catch and release whenever possible, especially in September.


    This fishery is part of Inland Fisheries Ireland’s ‘Midland Fisheries Group’ of managed waters and anglers require a fishing permit (ticket charge) to fish here.

    Permits can also be purchased from the following outlets – please click this link.

    NB: Fishing in Birr Castle Demesne is not permitted at any time

    Other useful information


    The Little Brosna and Camcor Fishing Club have local rules for the river. We request that anglers observe these rules in the interest of conservation and local angling policy. Further details, please contact Mr Chris Brummell Membership Sec, Little Brosna and Camcor Fishing Club Mobile Number: 086 3858221 or 057 93 22082


    • Anglers can only fish one rod per angler
    • Rods must not be left unattended.
    • All under sized fish must be returned to the water with as little injury as possible
    • The Management reserve the right to refuse and revoke a permit to anyone violating, these regulations or acting in a manner detrimental to the fishery, or the surrounding countryside.

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