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    • Brown Trout, 15th February to 12th October.


    The river Lee is located in the south west of Ireland in Co Cork. The nearest towns and villages are Cork City and Ballincollig.

    Fish Species

    Salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout.

    This river drains a catchment of 484 square miles including large reservoirs. The season runs from February until September with the best time of year from June to September.

    Cork Powerhouse Weir / The Waterworks

    Angling is prohibited (by any means whatsoever) in that portion of the River Lee within 50 yards of the eastern or downstream face of the power house of the Cork Waterworks and it is also prohibited to have in possession south of the public road within 50 yards of the eastern or downstream face of the power house a fishing rod with a line attached.

    From this point downstream the north channel of the river is closed to fishing.

    Fishing in the southern channel is permitted, but only single barbless hooks may be used from 30 April to the end of the salmon and trout seasons.

    The Lee Fields

    There is a section known as the ‘Lee Fields’ just upstream of the Kingsely Weir which is regarded as free fishing and no permit is required. The Lee Fields area is approximately 1.2 km west of Wellington Bridge on the south bank.

    Inniscarra Fishery

    The Inniscarra fishery is run by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) and an ESB permit is required. The fishery extends 1km downstream from the face of the dam on both sides. Permits are available from

    • Maxol-Barry’s Service Station, West Village, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.
    • Dan O’Riordan: ESB Inniscarra; 087-9983879.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Upper Lee is closed to salmon fishing.

    The River Lee in Cork.
    The River Lee 
    Angling Clubs and Fisheries

    The following control fishing on the River Lee and have day permits available


    Map of the River Lee

    Map of the River Lee

    Tackle Shops


    Fishing Guides

    Please check with the fishing clubs at contacts above or check out the fishing guides directory at https://fishinginireland.info/guides/