Matt Nolan, Inspector with IFI, Mullingar, reports on the recent Dutch King of Clubs competition held in venues in Co. Leitrim.

King of Clubs Drumshambo

Dutch competitors fishing “the mudflats” area of the River Shannon in the Dutch King of Clubs competition

The 20th annual King of Clubs Coarse angling Match took place in Drumshambo during May sponsored by Beet and IFi .  It attracted over 100 anglers and their friends from The Nederlands all of whom stayed for the week in Drumshambo and some stayed on to fish their own self  organized events. Many of those taking part were world champion anglers and members of the Dutch National angling team and they brought new styles and gear to the coarse lakes and rivers of Leitrim.   The event was one of the most enjoyable of the past 20 years with good weather throughout and  the various sections producing  very close weights.  In the end, world champion angler  Leo Koot eventually emerging as the winner with a total weight for the 4 days of 30.400 Kg.   The top 10 anglers are posted here:

Name                                                     Total Weight (Kgs.)   points

1                              Koot, Leo                           30.440                   3

2                           Higgins, Lol                        30.160                   3

3                  Schaft, Frank van de                28.270                   3

4                         Rijerkerk, Cees                     22.520                   4

5                           Orsel, Frank                        18.220                   4

7                McGoldrick, Francis                    28.830                   5

6                          Stoel, Wim                           17.720                    5

8                    Ansing, Ramon                        17.090                    5

9             Tongerlo, William van                 29.880                    6

10           Plekkenpol, Jan Willem               24.830                    6

A full list of winners and weights over the whole competition can be accessed here in an excel spreadsheet :

2012 Dutch King of Clubs competition result [xcl sheet 195 kb].

Some Images from the King of Clubs taken  by Matt Nolan

Dutch anglers fishing the River Shannon at the "Mudflats" at the King of Clubs competition near Carrick-on-Shannon.
A happy Dutch angler showing off some nice bream caught at the Dutch King of Clubs competition in Co. Leitrim.