David heads out for a days fishing last Wednesday August 22nd and catches both perch and pike.  He reports:

Yesterday’s trip was devoted to my favourite freshwater fish- perch. Our expectation were high like the water level in the river. 
Fishing was an extremaly hard in the flood, coloured water and the best spots became unfishable. We fished many places and had a long walk to find the perch.

We didn’t find any big shoal- two, three fish from one swim only.
No specimen size fish this time, with the biggest in 35cms. Dawid landed one and I got  three pike – like a bonus.

Toothy Pike
Toothy Pike

The toothy fish hit my perch lure and gave me a nice fight before slipped to the net. My setup was an ultralight rod 1-7 g in casting weight.
A couple years ago this kind of bycatch while perching was nothing unusual. This river, like many others in the country, has suffered a lot, from the fish killers in recent years.
Nowadays, the river pike is an serious endangered species and fishing which is it’s purpose is more miss than hit.

Despite the very tough conditions, we managed to catch about 40 fish before call it a day.
I’m looking forward for the perch sessions this autumn, if the weather improves.