The Boat Angling Ireland crew hit Cobh earlier than usual in 2012, with a species hunt the order of the day. Attendance was up on previous years, with over 20 anglers in attendance. The weather didn’t play ball on Saturday, with a stiff easterly wind keeping most boats to within the confines of Roche’s Point and making fishing difficult , but Sunday improved vastly and many a fish were taken on the reefs and the Ling Rocks.


The team of Screeming Reels, Martyn Raynor & Siert Shultz, proved to be the stars of the show, racking up an amazing amount of species for the 2 days.

Red Gurnad
Red Gurnad

Martyn had the most species with 24,a superb achievement considering the conditions, but Siert was not to be outdone, as he bagged some fabulous Pollack and a fine specimen Gurnard, weighing in at 2.1lbs.


The evenings festivities, on both nights, were of the usual BAI standard , as old friends met and many a drink were had, in both the Commodore Hotel and Tradewinds Bar.This did result in a few casualties, with some failing to make it to sea after having one too many. Many thanks go out to Pat, Danny & Sandy for not only sponsoring the meet , but for also providing hospitality of the highest order.


Overall , despite the inclement weather, the meet was a success  and no doubt BAI will be returning to Cobh in 2013. Read all about this years Cobh meet here

Courtesy of Boat Angling Ireland. Copyright 2012.

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