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I’m off today and the plan was to have a perch session  But it failed, due to the weather conditions. I found some spare time to update the blog instead. Everyone who follows it know that Avoca estuary is famous for its flounder fishing. And this very wet year is  exceptional for the numbers of fish which have entered the river.
For the last couple of weeks, the number of people  targeting flatfish dropped rapidly. I was wonder why. Is there no more fish left or…?
I went to my usual spot on the South Quay, which was the most occupied for all summer long. Fishing was very slow and in one hour I managed only three fish.

This mark seems to be totally wiped out. there was no follows, no characteristic flounder kicks either. I just don’t understand, how the people can consume fish from a such polluted river . So, after the fruitless first hour I moved to the North Quay. I was connected  to the flounder straight away.

Before the light faded, I landed 9 more fish, with 7 over the 33cms mark. On the next day, for the first time this year while flounder fishing, I loaded my reel with braid. 5kg b.s. Power Pro was the choice.
This time, I went straight on to the North Quay mark. Fished it on the breaking line between the river current and still water.

The Happy Angler !
The Happy Angler !

Action was constant here, with 25 fish banked-35cms biggest, before I called a day,with the first rain drops of incoming storm.
I have to say, I prefer to fish for flounder with mono line than a braid. The line due to it extending nature gives much more fun during the fight.

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